b'Social psychologyUse For: Online social networking; Social Social policyChicago (Ill.)networks Dewey: 361.6; 977.3Broader Term(s): Communication Use For: Chicago (Ill.)Social policyNarrower Term(s):Facebook (Website) Social policyManitobaMySpace (Website) Dewey: 361.6; 971.27Twitter (Website) Use For: ManitobaSocial policySocial networks Social policyOhioUse: Social networking Dewey: 361.6; 977.1Social phobia Use For: OhioSocial policyDewey: 158.2 Social policyUnited StatesBroader Term(s): Phobias Dewey: 361.6; 973Social planning Use For: United StatesSocial policyUse: Social policy Social policyVancouver (B.C.)Social policy Dewey: 361.6; 971.27Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Social policyDewey: 361.6 Social problemsScope Note: Use for materials on the ways a Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallysociety regulates the relationships Dewey: 361.1among individuals, groups, Use For: Reform, Social; Social reform;communities, and institutions, and Social welfareon systematic procedures for Broader Term(s): Social conditionsachieving social goals and managing Sociologyavailable resources to attain social Narrower Term(s):Alcoholismchange. Child laborUse For: Government policy; National Church and social problemsplanning; Planning, National; Social Crimeplanning; State planning DiscriminationSee Also: ethnic groups, classes of persons, Drug abuseand topics with the subdivision Fetal alcohol syndromeGovernment policy, e.g. Homeless HomelessnesspersonsGovernment policy; Juvenile delinquencyand types of activities, facilities, Povertyindustries, services, and Prison reformundertakings with the subdivision ProstitutionPlanning, e.g. TransportationPublic healthPlanning [to be added as needed] Race discriminationBroader Term(s): Planning Solvent abuseSocial conditions Substance abuseNarrower Term(s):ArtsGovernment policy SuicideEducationGovernment policy UnemploymentHomeless personsGovernment Related Term(s): Social actionpolicy Social advocacyLand reform Social ethicsLibrariesGovernment policyMedical policy Social problems and the churchMulticulturalism Use: Church and social problemsSocial action Social problems in educationUrban policy Use: Educational sociologyWelfare stateRelated Term(s): Economic policy Social progressSocial policyCanada Use: ProgressDewey: 361.6; 971 Social psychologyUse For: CanadaSocial policy Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically897'