b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRelated Term(s): Communism MenSocietiesMarxism Older peopleSocietiesNational socialism Parent-teacher associationsSocialismCanada ScienceSocietiesSecret societiesDewey: 320.53; 335.00971 StudentsSocietiesSocialismUnited States WomenSocietiesDewey: 320.5 Related Term(s): ClubsSocialization SocietyReligious aspectsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Religion and sociologyDewey: 303.3 Society and artScope Note: Use for materials on the process by Use: Art and societywhich individuals acquire groupvalues and learn to function Society and languageeffectively in society. Use: SociolinguisticsUse For: ChildrenSocialization; Social Society and religionlearningBroader Term(s): Acculturation Use: Religion and sociologyChild rearing Society of FriendsEducation Dewey: 289.6Sociology Use For: Friends, Society of; QuakersNarrower Term(s):Americanization Broader Term(s): Christian sectsPeer pressureSocialization of industry Society, PrimitiveUse: Primitive societiesUse: Government ownershipSocialized medicine Socio-economic statusUse: Social statusUse: National health insuranceState medicine SociobiologySocials Dewey: 304.5; 577.8; 591.56Scope Note: Use for materials on the biologicalUse: Church entertainments basis of social behavior, especiallySocieties as transmitted genetically.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: BiologySocial aspectsDewey: 060 Broader Term(s): Comparative psychologyUse For: Learned societies SociologySee Also: types of societies, e.g. Choral Socioeconomicssocieties; subjects, ethnic groups, Dewey: 330classes of persons, corporate bodies, Use For: EconomicsSocial aspects; Socialindividual persons, and sacred economics; Sociology of economicsworks with the subdivision Broader Term(s): EconomicsSocieties, e.g. AgricultureSociologySocieties; WomenSocieties;etc.; and names of individual Sociolinguisticssocieties [to be added as needed] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Associations Dewey: 306.44Narrower Term(s):AgricultureSocieties Scope Note: Use for materials on the study of theBoys clubs social aspects of language,ChemistrySocieties particularly linguistic behavior, asChoral societies determined by sociocultural factors.Cooperative societies Use For: Language and society; Society andEducationSocieties language; Sociology of languageGirls clubs Broader Term(s): Language and languagesHistorySocieties LinguisticsLabor unions Sociology900'