b'AlcoholicsAlbertaHistory1905-1945 Denatured alcoholDewey: 971.23 Related Term(s): AlcoholismAlbertaHistory1945- DistillationDewey: 971.23 AlcoholPhysiological effectAlbertaHistory2000-2099 (21st century) Dewey: 615Use: AlbertaHistory21st Alcohol and employeescentury Use: EmployeesAlcohol useAlbertaHistory20th century Alcohol and teenagersDewey: 971.23 Use: TeenagersAlcohol useUse For: AlbertaHistory1900-1999(20th century) Alcohol and youthAlbertaHistory21st century Use: YouthAlcohol useDewey: 971.23 Alcohol as fuelUse For: AlbertaHistory2000-2099 Use: Alcohol fuels(21st century)Alcohol consumptionAlbertaPolitics and government Use: Drinking of alcoholic beveragesDewey: 971.23Alcohol fuelsAlberta Oil Sands Dewey: 662Use: Athabasca Tar Sands (Alta.) Use For: Alcohol as fuel; Ethyl alcohol fuelAlcan Highway Broader Term(s): AlcoholUse: Alaska Highway (Alaska and FuelCanada) Alcohol in the workplaceAlcatraz (Penitentiary) Use: EmployeesAlcohol useDewey: 365 Alcohol useBroader Term(s): PrisonsUnited States Use: AlcoholAlchemy AlcoholismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Drinking of alcoholic beveragesDewey: 540.1 Alcohol, DenaturedScope Note: Use for materials on medieval Use: Denatured alcoholattempts to change base metals intogold. Materials on the transmutation Alcoholic beverage consumptionof metals in nuclear physics are Use: Drinking of alcoholic beveragesentered under Transmutation Alcoholic beverages(Chemistry). Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Hermetic art and philosophy; Dewey: 641.2Philosophers stone; Transmutation Use For: Drinks; Intoxicantsof metals Broader Term(s): AlcoholBroader Term(s): Chemistry BeveragesOccultism Narrower Term(s):BeerRelated Term(s): Transmutation (Chemistry) LiquorsAlcohol Wine and wine makingDewey: 547; 661 Related Term(s): Drinking of alcoholic beveragesUse For: Alcohol use; Intoxicants Alcoholic parentsSee Also: classes of persons with the Use: Adult children of alcoholicssubdivision Alcohol use, e.g. Children of alcoholicsEmployeesAlcohol use; Youth Alcohol use; etc. [to be added as Alcoholicsneeded] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Chemicals Dewey: 362.292; 616.86Narrower Term(s):Alcohol fuels Use For: DrunkardsAlcoholic beverages Narrower Term(s):Recovering alcoholics29'