b'Solitaire (Game)Solar physics SoldiersCanadaUse: Sun Dewey: 355.0092; 920Solar power Use For: CanadaSoldiersUse: Solar energy SoldiersHygieneSolar radiation Use: Military personnelHealth andhygieneDewey: 523.7; 621.47Use For: Radiation, Solar; SunRadiation SoldiersUnited StatesBroader Term(s): Meteorology Dewey: 355.0092; 920Space environment Use For: GIs; United StatesSoldiersNarrower Term(s):Global warming Soldiers of fortuneSolar batteriesSolar energy Use: Mercenary soldiersSunspots Soldiers familiesSolar system Use: Families of soldiersDewey: 523.2 Soldiers handbooksBroader Term(s): Astronomy Use: United States. Army Stars Handbooks, manuals, etc.Narrower Term(s):AsteroidsComets Soldiers lifeEarth Use: SoldiersMeteorsMoon Soldiers songsNear-Earth objects Use: War songsPlanets SolicitorsSatellites Use: LawyersSunSolder and soldering Solid geometryDewey: 516.23Use: Soldering Use For: Geometry, SolidSoldering Broader Term(s): GeometryDewey: 671.5 Solid waste disposalUse For: Solder and soldering Use: Refuse and refuse disposalBroader Term(s): MetalsMetalwork SolidsRelated Term(s): Welding Dewey: 530.4; 531; 541Soldiers Broader Term(s): Physical chemistryPhysicsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):CrystalsDewey: 355.0092; 920Use For: Army life; Soldiers life SoliloquiesSee Also: names of countries with the subhead Dewey: 808.82; 809.2Army and the subdivision Military Scope Note: Use for individual works,life, e.g. United States. Armycollections, or materials aboutMilitary life [to be added as dramatic speeches spoken aloud byneeded] one character as a way of conveyingBroader Term(s): Armies his or her thoughts to the audience.Military personnel Use For: SoliloquyNarrower Term(s):Child soldiers Broader Term(s): DramaMercenary soldiers MonologuesMissing in action Related Term(s): SpeechesUnited States. ArmyMilitary SoliloquylifeUnited States. ArmyOfficers Use: SoliloquiesRelated Term(s): Families of soldiers Solitaire (Game)Veterans Dewey: 795.4903'