b'SoundRecording and reproducingWar songs OccultismSongs and music WitchcraftUse music of particular countries or ethnic groups, e.g. SororitiesAmerican music; Native American music; etc.; Use: Fraternities and sororitiestypes of music, e.g. Vocal music; and subjects, Sorrowclasses of persons, and names of individual persons, Use: Bereavementcorporate bodies, places, or wars, with the Griefsubdivision Songs for collections of songs or Joy and sorrowmaterials about songs pertaining to the topic or entitynamed, e.g. CowhandsSongs; SurfingSoulSongs; United States Military AcademySongs Dewey: 128; 233[tobe added as needed] Use For: SpiritSongs for children Broader Term(s): Future lifeUse: Childrens songs Human beings (Theology)PhilosophySongs, African Narrower Term(s):ImmortalityUse: African songs PsychologyRelated Term(s): ReincarnationSongs, African AmericanUse: African American music SoundDewey: 534; 620.2Songwriters Use For: AcousticsUse: Composers Broader Term(s): PhysicsLyricists PneumaticsSongwriting RadiationUse: Composition (Music) Narrower Term(s):Architectural acousticsPopular musicWriting and Computer sound processingpublishing HearingNoiseSonnets PhoneticsDewey: 808.1 SilenceScope Note: Use for collections of or materials Sound effectsabout sonnets. SoundproofingBroader Term(s): Poetry SoundsNarrower Term(s):Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 Ultrasonics Sonnets VibrationRelated Term(s): MusicAcoustics and physicsSonsDewey: 306.874 SoundRecording and reproducingBroader Term(s): Family Dewey: 621.389Men Scope Note: Use for materials on the equipmentNarrower Term(s):Father-son relationship or the process by which sound isMother-son relationship recorded. Materials on soundrecordings that emphasize theSons and fathers content of the recording rather thanUse: Father-son relationship the equipment, process, or formatSons and mothers are entered under SoundUse: Mother-son relationship recordings.Materials about theformat are entered under the format,Soothsaying e.g. Compact discs.Use: Divination Use For: High-fidelity sound systems; Soundrecording; Stereophonic soundSoporifics systemsUse: Narcotics See Also: methods of recording, e.g.Sorcery Magnetic recorders and recordingUse: Magic [to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Compact disc players905'