b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMP3 players Narrower Term(s):Audio guidesRelated Term(s): Phonograph AudiobooksSound recordings Compact discsSound books Grammy AwardsOperaSound recordingsDewey: 099 Related Term(s): SoundRecording andScope Note: Use for individual works, reproducingcollections, or materials about booksthat make sounds or music. Sound recordingsCopyrightUse For: Books, Sound; Musical books; Use: CopyrightSound recordingsNoisy books; Play-a-sound books; Sound wavesSound effects booksBroader Term(s): Picture books for children Dewey: 534; 620.2Toy and movable books Broader Term(s): VibrationWavesSound effects Narrower Term(s):Ultrasonic wavesDewey: 534; 620.2 SoundproofingBroader Term(s): SoundDewey: 620.2; 693.8Sound effects books Use For: Insulation (Sound); SoundUse: Sound books insulationSound insulation Broader Term(s): Architectural acousticsSoundUse: SoundproofingSoundsSound navigation Dewey: 534; 620.2Use: Sonar Broader Term(s): SoundSound processing, Computer SoupsUse: Computer sound processing Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySound recording Dewey: 641.81Use: SoundRecording and Broader Term(s): Cookingreproducing SourcesSound recordings Use historical subjects, periods of history, individualGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically literary and sacred works, and names of wars withDewey: 384; 621.389; 780.26 the subdivision Sources, e.g. World War,Scope Note: Use for general materials and for 1939-1945Sources; and subjects, ethnic groups,materials on sound recordings that classes of persons, corporate bodies, and names ofemphasize the content of the countries, states, etc., with the subdivisionsrecording rather than the format. HistorySources; e.g. United StatesHistory Materials about the format are Sources [to be added as needed]entered under the format, e.g. South (U.S.)Compact discs. Materials about the Use: Southern Statesequipment or the process by whichsound is recorded are entered under South AfricaSoundRecording and Dewey: 968reproducing. Scope Note: Use for materials on the Republic ofUse For: Audio cassettes; Audiotapes; South Africa.Cassette tapes, Audio; Discography; Use For: Republic of South Africa; Union ofPhonograph records; Recordings, South AfricaSound; Records, Phonograph; Tape Broader Term(s): Africarecordings, Audio Southern AfricaSee Also: types of sound recordings, e.g.Compact discs and types of music South AfricaHistorywith the subdivision Sound Dewey: 968recordings, e.g. OperaSound South AfricaRace relationsrecordings [to be added as needed] Dewey: 305.800968; 968Broader Term(s): Audiovisual materials906'