b'SovereignsBroader Term(s): Race relations Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique,Narrower Term(s):Anti-apartheid movement Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland,Apartheid Zambia, and Zimbabwe. MaterialsSouth African Dutch on the Republic of South Africa areentered under South Africa.Use: Afrikaners Use For: Africa, SouthernSouth Africans, Afrikaans-speaking Broader Term(s): AfricaUse: Afrikaners Narrower Term(s):South AfricaSouth America Southern cookingDewey: 980 Dewey: 641.5975Broader Term(s): America Use For: American cookingSouthern styleBroader Term(s): CookingSouth American artDewey: 709.8 Southern lightsBroader Term(s): Art Use: AurorasSouth American literature Southern literatureUse: Latin American literature Use: American literatureSouthernStatesSouth Atlantic StatesUse: Atlantic States Southern StatesDewey: 975South Korea Use For: South (U.S.)Use: Korea (South) Broader Term(s): United StatesSouth Pacific region Southern StatesAfrican AmericansUse: Oceania Use: African AmericansSouthernSouth Pole StatesDewey: 998 Southern StatesHistoryBroader Term(s): Polar regions Dewey: 975Related Term(s): Antarctica Broader Term(s): United StatesHistorySouth Sea Islands Related Term(s): SlaveryUnited StatesUse: Oceania Southwest Pacific regionSouth Seas Use: OceaniaUse: Oceania Southwest, NewSoutheast Asia Use: Southwestern StatesDewey: 959 Southwest, OldScope Note: Use for materials dealing Use: Old Southwestcollectively with the region of Asiathat includes Burma, Thailand, Southwestern StatesMalaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Dewey: 979Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the Scope Note: Use for materials on that part of thePhilippines. United States that correspondsUse For: Asia, Southeastern roughly with the old SpanishBroader Term(s): Asia province of New Mexico, includingNarrower Term(s):Indochina the present Arizona, New Mexico,southern Colorado, Utah, Nevada,Southern Africa and California.Dewey: 968 Use For: Southwest, NewScope Note: Use for materials dealing Broader Term(s): United Statescollectively with the area south ofthe countries of Zaire and Tanzania. SovereignsSouthern Africa includes the Use: Emperorspolitical entities of Angola, Kings and rulersBotswana, Comoros, Lesotho, MonarchyQueens907'