b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSovereignty Space biologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 571.0919; 612Dewey: 320.1 Scope Note: Use for materials on the biology ofBroader Term(s): International law humans or other earth creaturesPolitical science while in outer space. Materials onNarrower Term(s):Secession the possibility of indigenous life inRelated Term(s): National self-determination outer space are entered under LifeSoviet communism on other planets.Use: CommunismRussia Use For: Astrobiology; CosmobiologyBroader Term(s): BiologySoviet literature Space sciencesUse: Russian literature Narrower Term(s):Space medicineSoviet Union Space chemistryUse: RussiaHistory1917-1991, Dewey: 523Soviet Union Use For: Astrochemistry; CosmochemistryBroader Term(s): ChemistrySoviet UnionCommunismUse: CommunismRussia Space coloniesDewey: 629.44; 999Soviet UnionHistory Scope Note: Use for materials on communitiesUse: RussiaHistory1917-1991, established in space or on naturalSoviet Union extraterrestrial bodies. Materials onSoviet UnionHistory1917-1921, Revolution bases established on naturalextraterrestrial bodies for specificUse: RussiaHistory1917-1921, functions other than colonization areRevolution entered under ExtraterrestrialSoviet UnionHistory1917-1925 bases. Materials on mannedUse: RussiaHistory1917-1925 installations orbiting in space forspecific functions, such as servicingSoviet UnionHistory1925-1953 space ships, are entered under SpaceUse: RussiaHistory1925-1953 stations.Soviet UnionHistory1939-1940, War with Use For: Colonies, Space; Communities,Space; Outer spaceColoniesFinland Broader Term(s): Astronautics and civilizationUse: Russo-Finnish War, 1939-1940 Related Term(s): Extraterrestrial basesSoviet UnionHistory1953-1991 Space commercializationUse: RussiaHistory1953-1991 Use: Space industrializationSoybean Space communicationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: AstronauticsCommunicationDewey: 633.3 systemsBroader Term(s): Forage plants Interstellar communicationSpace age Space debrisUse: Astronautics and civilization Dewey: 629.4Space and time Use For: Debris in space; Junk in space;Dewey: 115 Space pollutionUse For: Time and space Broader Term(s): PollutionBroader Term(s): Fourth dimension Space environmentMetaphysics Space environmentSpace sciences Dewey: 629.4Time Use For: Environment, Space; ExtraterrestrialNarrower Term(s):Personal space environment; Space weatherTime travel Broader Term(s): AstronomyRelated Term(s): Relativity (Physics) Outer spaceNarrower Term(s):Cosmic rays908'