b'Space opticsSolar radiation Broader Term(s): HeatingSpace debris Narrower Term(s):FireplacesSpace exploration (Astronautics) StovesUse: Outer spaceExploration Space industrial processingSpace flight Use: Space industrializationDewey: 629.4 Space industrializationScope Note: Use for materials on the physics and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallytechnical details of flight beyond the Dewey: 629.44earths atmosphere. General Use For: Commercial endeavors in space;materials and imaginary accounts of Industrial uses of space;travel to other planets are entered Manufacturing in space; Spaceunder Interplanetary voyages. commercialization; Space industrialUse For: Humans in space; Man in space; processing; Space manufacturing;Manned space flight; People in Space stationsIndustrialspace; Rocket flight; Space travel applicationsSee Also: names of projects, e.g. Gemini Broader Term(s): Industrializationproject; and space flight to Space laboratoriesparticular places, e.g. Space flight Use: Space stationsto the moon [to be added asneeded] Space lawBroader Term(s): AeronauticsFlights Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAstronautics Dewey: 341.4Narrower Term(s):Astronauts Use For: Aerospace law; Artificial satellitesExtravehicular activity (SpaceLaw and legislation; Astronauticsflight)Law and legislation; Space flightGemini projectLaw and legislation; SpaceOrbital rendezvous (Space flight) stationsLaw and legislationOuter spaceExploration Broader Term(s): Astronautics and civilizationSpace flight to the moon International lawRelated Term(s): Astrodynamics LawInterplanetary voyagesNavigation (Astronautics) Space manufacturingSpace medicine Use: Space industrializationSpace vehicles Space medicineSpace flight (Fiction) Dewey: 616.9Use: Imaginary voyages Use For: Aerospace medicine;Science fiction BioastronauticsBroader Term(s): MedicineSpace flightLaw and legislation Space biologyUse: Space law Space sciencesSpace flightRescue work Narrower Term(s):Life support systems (SpaceUse: Space rescue operations environment)WeightlessnessSpace flight to the moon Related Term(s): Aviation medicineDewey: 629.45 Space flightUse For: Flight to the moon; Lunar Space navigationexpeditions; Moon, Voyages to; Use: Navigation (Astronautics)Voyages to the moonBroader Term(s): Astronautics Space nutritionSpace flight Use: AstronautsNutritionNarrower Term(s):Apollo projectMoonExploration Space opticsDewey: 535Space heaters Broader Term(s): OpticsDewey: 644; 697 Space sciences909'