b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Astronautical instruments Space sciencesAstronomical instruments Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Optical instruments Dewey: 500.5Remote sensing Scope Note: Use for general materials and forscientific results of spaceSpace orbital rendezvous exploration and scientificUse: Orbital rendezvous (Space flight) applications of space flight.Use For: Science and space; Space researchSpace photography Broader Term(s): ScienceDewey: 778.3 Narrower Term(s):Outer spaceUse For: Photographs from space; Space and timePhotography in astronautics Space biologySee Also: celestial bodies or objects in space Space medicinewith the subdivision Pictorial works Space optics[to be added as needed] Related Term(s): AstronauticsBroader Term(s): Photography AstronomyPhotographyScientificapplications Space sciencesInternational cooperationNarrower Term(s):Mars (Planet)Pictorial works Dewey: 500.5MoonPictorial works Broader Term(s): International cooperationSpace platforms Space shipsUse: Space stations Use: Space vehiclesSpace pollution Space shuttlesUse: Space debris Dewey: 629.44See Also: names of individual space shuttlesSpace power [to be added as needed]Use: Astronautics and civilization Broader Term(s): Space vehiclesSpace probes Space stationsDewey: 629.43 Dewey: 629.44Scope Note: Use for materials on space Scope Note: Use for materials on mannedexploration by remote control from installations orbiting in space forearth. specific functions, such as servicingSee Also: types of probes, e.g. Lunar probes; space ships. Materials on basesMars probes; etc.; and names of established on natural extraterrestrialspace vehicles and space projects, bodies for specific functions othere.g. Project Voyager [to be added than colonization are enteredunderas needed] Extraterrestrial bases. MaterialsBroader Term(s): Outer spaceExploration on communities established in spaceSpace vehicles or on natural extraterrestrial bodiesNarrower Term(s):Lunar probes are entered under Space colonies.Mars probes Use For: Orbital laboratories; OrbitingSpace rescue operations vehicles; Space laboratories; SpaceDewey: 629.45 platformsUse For: Rescue operations, Space; Space See Also: names of specific space stations, e.g.flightRescue work; Space International Space Station [to bevehiclesRescue work added as needed]Broader Term(s): Rescue work Broader Term(s): Artificial satellitesAstronauticsSpace research Space vehiclesUse: Outer spaceExploration Narrower Term(s):International Space StationSpace sciences Orbital rendezvous (Space flight)Space rockets Space stationsIndustrial applicationsUse: Space vehicles Use: Space industrialization910'