b'SpainSpace stationsLaw and legislation Use For: Recovery of space vehiclesUse: Space lawSpace suits Space vehiclesRescue workDewey: 629.47 Use: Space rescue operationsUse For: AstronautsClothing Space vehiclesThermodynamicsBroader Term(s): Life support systems (Space Dewey: 629.47environment) Broader Term(s): ThermodynamicsSpace telecommunication Space vehiclesTrackingUse: Interstellar communication Dewey: 629.4Space travel Use For: Tracking of satellitesUse: Interplanetary voyages Space walkSpace flight Use: Extravehicular activity (SpaceSpace vehicle accidents flight)Dewey: 363.12; 629.4 Space warfareUse For: Astronautical accidents; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAstronauticsAccidents; Space Dewey: 358vehiclesAccidents Scope Note: Use for materials on interplanetaryBroader Term(s): Accidents warfare, attacks on earth from outerSpace vehicles space, and warfare among theDewey: 629.47 nations of earth in outer space.Use For: Space rockets; Space ships; Use For: Interplanetary warfare; InterstellarSpacecraft warfare; Space warsBroader Term(s): Rocketry Broader Term(s): Outer spaceNarrower Term(s):Orbital rendezvous (Space flight) WarRocket planes Narrower Term(s):Space weaponsSpace probes Strategic Defense InitiativeSpace shuttles Space warsSpace stations Use: Space warfareRelated Term(s): Artificial satellitesAstronautics Space weaponsSpace flight Dewey: 358Use For: Space-based weapons; Star WarsSpace vehiclesAccidents weapons; Weapons, SpaceUse: Space vehicle accidents Broader Term(s): Military weaponsSpace vehiclesExtravehicular activity Space warfareUse: Extravehicular activity (Space Related Term(s): Strategic Defense Initiativeflight) Space weatherSpace vehiclesGuidance systems Use: Space environmentDewey: 629.47 Space, OuterSpace vehiclesInstruments Use: Outer spaceUse: Astronautical instruments Space, PersonalSpace vehiclesPiloting Use: Personal spaceDewey: 629.45 Space-based weaponsUse For: Piloting (Astronautics) Use: Space weaponsBroader Term(s): AstronautsNavigation (Astronautics) SpacecraftUse: Space vehiclesSpace vehiclesPropulsion systemsDewey: 629.47 SpainDewey: 946Space vehiclesRecovery Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedDewey: 629.4 States except for History.911'