b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: Defective speech; Speech of speeches on a single subject arepathology; Stammering; Stuttering entered under that subject.Broader Term(s): Communicative disorders Use For: Addresses; Orations; Speeches,Speech addresses, etc.Narrower Term(s):Aphasia See Also: speeches of particular countries, e.g.Speech from the ThroneCanada American speeches [to be added asneeded]Dewey: 355.0092 Broader Term(s): LiteratureUse For: Throne Speech (Canada) Narrower Term(s):After dinner speechesBroader Term(s): Governors generalCanadaAmerican speechesMessages English speechesLieutenant-governorsCanada PresidentsUnited StatesMessages Inaugural addressesSpeech pathology ToastsUse: Speech disorders Related Term(s): Lectures and lecturingPublic speakingSpeech problems SoliloquiesUse: AphasiaSpeeches, addresses, etc.Speech processing systems Use: SpeechesDewey: 006.5Use For: Computer speech processing Speeches, addresses, etc., Americansystems; Electronic speech Use: American speechesprocessing systems; Speech Speeches, addresses, etc., Canadianscramblers Use: Canadian speechesBroader Term(s): SpeechNarrower Term(s):Automatic speech recognition Speeches, addresses, etc., EnglishSpeech synthesis Use: English speechesRelated Term(s): Computer sound processingSpeedSpeech recognition, Automatic Dewey: 531Use: Automatic speech recognition Use For: VelocitySpeech scramblers Broader Term(s): MotionUse: Speech processing systems Speed (Drug)Speech synthesis Use: MethamphetamineDewey: 006.5 Speed readingBroader Term(s): Speech processing systems Dewey: 372.45Speech therapy Use For: Accelerated reading; Faster reading;Rapid readingDewey: 616.85 Broader Term(s): ReadingUse For: Speech correctionBroader Term(s): Speech Speed, SupersonicSpeech, Freedom of Use: Supersonic aerodynamicsUse: Freedom of speech SpeleologySpeech, Hate Use: CavesUse: Hate speech SpellersSpeeches Dewey: 418Broader Term(s): English languageSpellingDewey: 808.85Scope Note: Use for collections of speeches on Spellingseveral subjects and materials about Dewey: 411speeches that have already been Narrower Term(s):English languageSpellingdelivered. Materials on the art of Spelling reformdelivering speeches are enteredunder Public speaking or under Spelling beesLectures and lecturing. Collections Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically914'