b'Sports drama (Films)Soccer SportsFictionSoftball Dewey: 808.83Sports cards Scope Note: Use for collections of sports stories.Sports for women Use For: Sports storiesSports records See Also: types of sports with the subdivisionSports teams Fiction, e.g. BaseballFiction [toSports tournaments be added as needed]Sportsmanship SportsGraphic novelsTennis Dewey: 741.5Track athletics Broader Term(s): Graphic novelsTriathlonViolence in sports SportsListsVolleyball Dewey: 796Water sports SportsMedical aspectsWinter sports Use: Sports medicineRelated Term(s): AmusementsAthletes SportsStatisticsAthletics Dewey: 796Games See Also: types of sports with the subdivisionOutdoor life Statistics [to be added as needed]Physical education Broader Term(s): StatisticsSporting goods Related Term(s): Sports recordsSports facilitiesSports and drugsSportsAudiences Use: AthletesDrug useUse: Sports spectatorsSports bettingSportsCanada Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 796.0971 Dewey: 796See Also: names of sports played in or Use For: Sports handicappingoriginating in Canada [to be added Broader Term(s): Gamblingas needed]Narrower Term(s):Bathtub racing Sports broadcastingCanada Games Use: Radio broadcasting of sportsCanadian football Television broadcasting of sportsChuckwagon racing Sports cardsCross-country skiingCanadaCurlingCanada Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFloor hockey Dewey: 769HockeyCanada Use For: Cards, SportsIce canoeing See Also: types of cards for specific sports,Ringette (Game) e.g. Baseball cards [to be added asSnow camping needed]Snowmobiling Broader Term(s): SportsSnowshoe biathlon Narrower Term(s):Baseball cardsSnowshoes and snowshoeing Sports carsRelated Term(s): AthletesCanada Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySportsCorrupt practices Dewey: 629.222Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically See Also: names of specific sports cars [to beDewey: 796 added as needed]Use For: Cheating in sports; Corruption in Broader Term(s): Automobilessports; Sports scandals Sports coachingBroader Term(s): Criminal law Use: Coaching (Athletics)SportsEquipment and supplies Sports drama (Films)Use: Sporting goods Dewey: 791.43917'