b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for individual works, Sports in televisioncollections, or materials about sports Use: Television broadcasting of sportsdrama on film. Sports mascotsBroader Term(s): Motion pictures Use: MascotsSports drama (Radio programs) Sports medicineDewey: 791.44 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScope Note: Use for individual works, Dewey: 613.7; 617.1collections, or materials about sports Use For: Athletic medicine; Physicaldrama on the radio. educationMedical aspects;Broader Term(s): Radio programs SportsMedical aspectsSports drama (Television programs) Broader Term(s): Medical careDewey: 791.45 MedicineScope Note: Use for individual works, Sports recordscollections, or materials about sports Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallydrama on television. Dewey: 796Broader Term(s): Television programs Scope Note: Use for materials on topSports events performances or achievements.Use names of specific sports events, e.g. Super Bowl Use For: Records, Sports(Game) [to be added as needed] Broader Term(s): SportsRelated Term(s): SportsStatisticsSports facilities World recordsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Sports scandalsDewey: 796.06 Use: SportsCorrupt practicesSee Also: types of sports facilities [to be addedas needed] Sports spectatorsNarrower Term(s):Golf courses Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPlaygrounds Dewey: 306.4; 796Stadiums Use For: SportsAudiences; Sports fansSwimming pools Broader Term(s): AudiencesRelated Term(s): RecreationSports Sports storiesUse: SportsFictionSports fansUse: Sports spectators Sports teamsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySports for people with disabilities Dewey: 796.06Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically See Also: types of sports teams, e.g. BaseballDewey: 796.01 teams, and names of individualBroader Term(s): People with disabilities teams, e.g. New York KnicksNarrower Term(s):Special Olympics (Basketball team) [to be added asWheelchair sports needed]Sports for women Broader Term(s): SportsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):Baseball teamsDewey: 796 Basketball teamsUse For: WomenSports Sports tournamentsSee Also: types of sports for women, e.g., Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBasketball for women [to be added Dewey: 796as needed] Use For: TournamentsBroader Term(s): Sports See Also: types of sports with the subdivisionNarrower Term(s):Basketball for women Tournaments, e.g. Tennis Sports handicapping Tournaments; names of sportsUse: Sports betting tournaments, e.g. Super Bowl [to beadded as needed]Sports in radio Broader Term(s): ContestsUse: Radio broadcasting of sports Sports918'