b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSST (Supersonic transport) Stage historyUse: Supersonic transport planes Use names of dramatists with the subdivision StageSt. Bartholomews Day, Massacre of, 1572 history, e.g. Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 Use: Saint Bartholomews Day, Stage history [to be added as needed]Massacre of, 1572 Stage lightingSt. Francis, Order of Dewey: 792.02Use: Franciscans Use For: TelevisionStage lighting;TheatersStage lightingSt. Jean Baptiste Day Broader Term(s): LightingDewey: 394.263 Stage sceneryUse For: John the Baptists DayQuebec Use: TheatersStage setting and(Province); Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day scenery Quebec (Province); St. John theBaptist Day Stage settingBroader Term(s): HolidaysCanada Use: TheatersStage setting andSt. John the Baptist Day sceneryUse: St. Jean Baptiste Day StagecoachesSt. Lawrence River Use: Carriages and cartsUse: Saint Lawrence River Stained glassSt. Lawrence Seaway Use: Glass painting and stainingUse: Saint Lawrence Seaway StalkingSt. Valentines Day Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Valentines Day Dewey: 364.15Use For: Antistalking laws; StalkingLawStabilization in industry and legislationUse: Business cycles Broader Term(s): Offenses against the personStadia StalkingLaw and legislationUse: Stadiums Use: StalkingStadiums Stamina, PhysicalGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Physical fitnessDewey: 796.06 StammeringUse For: Ballparks; Stadia Use: Speech disordersBroader Term(s): Sports facilitiesStaff Stamp collectingUse types of institutions, types of public officials, and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallynames of individual public officials with the Dewey: 769.56Scope Note: Use for materials on the collecting,subdivision Staff, e.g. PresidentsUnited States buying, and selling of postage Staff [to be added as needed] stamps.Stage Use For: Philately; Postage stamp collecting;Use: Acting Postage stampsCollectors andDrama collecting; StampsCollectors andTheater collectingBroader Term(s): Collectors and collectingStage adaptations Related Term(s): Postage stampsDewey: 808.2 StampedesCanadaUse For: Adaptations; LiteratureStageadaptations; Motion picturesUse: RodeosCanadaStage adaptations StampsCollectors and collectingBroader Term(s): Drama Use: Stamp collectingStamps, PostageUse: Postage stamps920'