b'State encouragement of the artsStandard book numbers Use For: AstronomyAtlases; Atlases,Use: Publishers standard book Astronomicalnumbers Broader Term(s): AtlasesStandard of living Starting a businessUse: Cost and standard of living Use: New business enterprisesStandard of value StarvationUse: Money Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyStandard time Dewey: 363.8Use: Time Narrower Term(s):FaminesRelated Term(s): FastingStandards HungerUse subjects, types of school and institutions, and types Malnutritionof industries with the subdivision Standards, e.g.Environmental protectionStandards; which State aid to educationmay be further subdivided geographically [to be Use: Government aid to educationadded as needed] State aid to librariesStandards of output Use: Government aid to librariesUse: Production standards State and agricultureStandards, Educational Use: AgricultureGovernment policyUse: Educational standards State and environmentStanley Cup (Hockey) Use: Environmental policyDewey: 796.962 State and railroadsBroader Term(s): Awards Use: RailroadsGovernment policyHockeySports tournaments State and the artsStar Wars (Ballistic missile defense system) Use: Federal aid to the artsUse: Strategic Defense Initiative State birdsStar Wars films Dewey: 598Dewey: 791.43 Broader Term(s): BirdsScope Note: Use for individual works, State emblemscollections, or materials about Star State constitutionsWars films. Use: ConstitutionsBroader Term(s): Motion pictures ConstitutionsUnited StatesScience fiction filmsState emblemsStar Wars weapons Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Space weapons Dewey: 929.9Stars Use For: Emblems, State; State symbolsDewey: 523.8 See Also: types of state emblems and stateSee Also: names of constellations and of symbols, e.g. State birds; Stateindividual stars, e.g. Sirius [to be flowers [to be added as needed]added as needed] Broader Term(s): Signs and symbolsNarrower Term(s):Black holes (Astronomy) Narrower Term(s):State birdsGalaxies State flowersSirius Related Term(s): National emblemsSolar system State encouragement of science, literature, and artSupernovas Use: Cultural policyRelated Term(s): AstronomyConstellations State encouragement of the artsUse: ArtsGovernment policyStarsAtlases Federal aid to the artsDewey: 523.8022921'