b'AlphabetAll terrain vehicles See Also: types of allied health personnel [toGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically be added as needed]Dewey: 629.22 Narrower Term(s):Emergency medical techniciansUse For: ATVs Medical technologistsSee Also: types of vehicles, e.g. Snowmobiles Nurse practitioners[to be added as needed] Physicians assistantsBroader Term(s): VehiclesNarrower Term(s):Mountain bikes AlligatorsSnowmobiles Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAllegories Dewey: 597.98Dewey: 808.88 Broader Term(s): ReptilesScope Note: Use for individual works or for Related Term(s): Crocodilescollections of allegories. Materials Allocation of timeon allegory as a literary form or on Use: Time managementallegory in the fine and decorativearts are entered under Allegory. AllosaurusBroader Term(s): Fiction Dewey: 567.912Related Term(s): Fables Broader Term(s): DinosaursParables Allowances, ChildrensAllegory Use: Childrens allowancesDewey: 704.9; 808 AlloysScope Note: Use for materials on allegory as a Dewey: 669literary form as well as for allegory See Also: types of alloys [to be added asin the fine and decorative arts. needed]Individual allegories and collections Broader Term(s): Industrial chemistryof allegories are entered under MetalsAllegories. Narrower Term(s):Aluminum alloysBroader Term(s): Arts BrassFiction PewterRelated Term(s): Symbolism in literature Related Term(s): MetallurgyAllergies AllusionsUse: Allergy Dewey: 031.02; 803Allergies, Food See Also: names of individual persons with theUse: Food allergy subdivision Allusions, for materialson allusions to that person, e.g.Allergy Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616Dewey: 616.97Allusions [to be added asUse For: Allergies needed]See Also: types of allergies [to be added as Narrower Term(s):Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616needed]AllusionsBroader Term(s): Immunity Related Term(s): Terms and phrasesNarrower Term(s):AsthmaFood allergy AlmanacsHay fever Dewey: 030Scope Note: Use for individual works,Allergy, Food collections, or materials aboutUse: Food allergy almanacs of general information.Alleys Use For: AnnualsUse: Streets Broader Term(s): Serial publicationsNarrower Term(s):Nautical almanacsAllied health personnel Related Term(s): CalendarsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically ChronologyDewey: 610.69 YearbooksUse For: Paramedical personnel AlphabetDewey: 41131'