b'Stories, plots, etc.Stone Age See Also: types of stores, e.g. Drugstores [toGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically be added as needed]Dewey: 930.1 Broader Term(s): Commercial buildingsUse For: Eolithic period; Neolithic period; Retail tradePaleolithic period Narrower Term(s):Chain storesBroader Term(s): Civilization Department storesRelated Term(s): Stone implements Discount storesStone implements DrugstoresGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically General storesDewey: 930.1 SupermarketsUse For: Flint implements Thrift shopsBroader Term(s): Implements, utensils, etc. Related Term(s): Shopping centers and mallsRelated Term(s): Stone Age StoriesStone quarries Use: AnecdotesUse: Quarries and quarrying Bible storiesFairy talesStone-cutting FictionUse: Stonecutting LegendsStonecutting RomancesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Short storiesDewey: 693 Stories in rhymeUse For: Stone-cutting Stories without wordsBroader Term(s): Masonry StorytellingStone Stories for childrenStonehenge (England) Use: Childrens storiesDewey: 936.2 Stories in rhymeBroader Term(s): Great BritainAntiquities Dewey: 808.1; 808.81Stoneware Scope Note: Use as a form heading for narrativeUse: Pottery poems for very young children.Narrative poetry and materials aboutStorage narrative poetry for older childrenUse types of commodities, foods, materials, industrial and for adults are entered underproducts, etc., with the subdivision Storage, e.g. Narrative poetry.GrainStorage [to be added as needed] Use For: StoriesBroader Term(s): Narrative poetryStorage batteries RhymeDewey: 621.31Use For: Batteries, Electric Stories without wordsBroader Term(s): Electric apparatus and appliances Scope Note: Use as a form heading for stories forRelated Term(s): Electric batteries children told only through asequence of pictures.Storage devices, Computer Use For: Nonword stories; Picture books forUse: Computer storage devices children, Wordless; Stories;Storage in the home Wordless storiesDewey: 648 Broader Term(s): Picture books for childrenUse For: Home storage Stories, plots, etc.Broader Term(s): Home economics Dewey: 808Store buildings Scope Note: Use for materials that analyze plotsUse: Commercial buildings or discuss the technique ofconstructing plots. Collections ofStores plots of a specific literary or musicalGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically form are entered under that formDewey: 381 with the subdivision Stories, plots,Use For: Retail stores; Shops etc. General collections of literary927'