b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRailroads Strength trainingRelated Term(s): Cable railroads Use: Weight liftingElectric railroads Stress (Physiology)Street traffic Dewey: 612; 616.8Use: City traffic Use For: Physiological stress; TensionTraffic engineering (Physiology)Broader Term(s): Adaptation (Biology)Streets PhysiologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):Job stressDewey: 388.4; 625.7 Stress (Psychology)Use For: Alleys; Avenues; Boulevards; Dewey: 155.9; 616.89Thoroughfares Use For: Emotional stress; Mental stress;Broader Term(s): Cities and towns Psychological stress; StrainCivil engineering (Psychology); Tension (Psychology)Transportation Broader Term(s): Mental healthNarrower Term(s):City traffic PsychologyStreet cleaning Narrower Term(s):AnxietyRelated Term(s): Pavements Burn out (Psychology)Roads Job stressStreetsCanada Post-traumatic stress disorderDewey: 971 Related Term(s): Life change eventsSee Also: names of specific streets [to be Stress managementadded as needed] Dewey: 155.9StreetsChicago (Ill.) Broader Term(s): HealthDewey: 977.3 StressesUse For: Chicago (Ill.)Streets Use: Strains and stressesStreetsLighting Stretching exercisesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 613.7Dewey: 628.9 Broader Term(s): ExerciseUse For: Cities and townsLighting; Streetlighting StrikesBroader Term(s): Lighting Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyStreetsNew York (N.Y.) Dewey: 331.892Dewey: 974.7 Scope Note: This heading may also beUse For: New York (N.Y.)Streets subdivided by industry orRelated Term(s): Wall Street (New York, N.Y.) occupation and then geographically,e.g. StrikesAutomobileStreetsVancouver (B.C.) industryUnited States.Dewey: 971.1 Use For: Lockouts; Picketing; Sit-downUse For: Vancouver (B.C.)Streets strikes; Strikes and lockouts; WorkstoppagesStrength of materials Broader Term(s): Industrial relationsDewey: 620.1 Labor disputesUse For: Resistance of materials Narrower Term(s):SabotageSee Also: types of materials with the Related Term(s): Collective bargainingsubdivision Testing, e.g. Concrete Industrial arbitration Testing [to be added as needed] InjunctionsBroader Term(s): Mechanics Labor unionsStructural analysis (Engineering)Narrower Term(s):ConcreteTesting StrikesAutomobile industryUnited StatesRelated Term(s): Building materials Dewey: 331.892Strains and stresses StrikesCanadaTesting Dewey: 331.892Use For: Strikes and lockoutsCanada930'