Ancestry in America
"As the most detailed resource on the market today that looks at the ethnic makeup of the US, this second edition offers expanded data based on places with populations greater than 7,500, drawn from the 2010 US Census... Besides having more current census data, this updated two-volume set features significant improvements...Recommended." -Choice

"There is nothing comparable to Ancestry in America…the compilation and synthesis of disparate data files…along with the comparative rankings, make this a value-added, easy-to-use publication. Recommended for academic, public, and special libraries." -RUSQ

"Many libraries will find this resource useful for answering the occasional reference question on ethnic backgrounds in specific places. However, Ancestry in America should also prove a statistical bonanza for those doing in-depth research on ethnic population in the U.S." -Against the Grain

"This book is a practical market research tool. It can be used to identify new markets and to more effectively promote to exisitng markets by creating targeted campaigns building on cultural preferences." -ARBA

Ancestry & Ethnicity in America
Where We Come From • How We Identify Ourselves • Where We Live Now

Pub. Date: March 2012
Softcover: 4,000 pages, Two Volumes
ISBN: 1-59237-997-4/978-1-59237-997-2
Price: $295.00
EBook ISBN: 978-1-59237-998-9 EBook Vendors

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Three Ways to Access Grey House Publishing’s Ancestry & Ethnicity in America:

1. Two-Volume Print Edition
2. Online Database to Perform your Original Research
3. Download-Ready PDFs for Easy Access to Individual Chapters


When you purchase the print edition you can receive, at no extra charge, online access to Ancestry & Ethnicity statistics in a database form. Your library patrons and researchers can now do their own research and access even more data with this easy to use database! The print edition has statistics on places with 7,500 or greater population. The online searchable database has data for all places! Plus, your patrons can also download easy-to-use PDFs of individual chapters.

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This information-packed reference work, greatly expanded to two information-packed volumes, is a comparative guide to over 200 ethnic backgrounds across the US. Illustrating Where We Come From, How We Identify Ourselves and Where We Live Now, it is the most detailed look at the ethnic makeup of America on the market today.

Over 200 ethnic groups are profiled including 106 Ancestry groups, 25 groups by Hispanic Origin and 5 major Race groups further divided by 82 subgroups by country, tribe, or Hispanic identification.

Section One: National Population Profile begins with the population number and percent of the total US population for 200+ ethnic groups, sorted alphabetically by group and then ranked by population size. Next, individual state tables provide population numbers for each of the top 20 Ancestry groups, Hispanic and Race categories. New Four-Color National Maps illustrate the population concentrations of the major Ancestry, Hispanic and Race Groups.

Section Two: State Population Profiles offers an overview of each state, with population numbers and percentages for each Ancestry, Hispanic or Race group. Next, individual place profiles break out the population number and precent for each group in that place. Over 6,000 places with populations over 7,500 are profiled! This informative city-by-city section allows the user to quickly and easily explore the ethnic makeup of all major population bases in the United States.

Section Three, Statistical Rankings contains three ranking tables for each Ancestry, Hispanic and Race Group, Top 150 Cities with the Largest Number regardless of population; Top 150 Citites with the Highest Concentration and Top 150 Cities with the Largest Number with 7,500+ population.

A Master Place Index shows the place name, type, county, state and the page on which their profile appears.

This information-packed resource will serve a wide range of research requests for demographics, population characteristics, relocation information and much more.

Pub. Date: February 2012
Softcover: 4,000 pages, Two Volumes
ISBN: 1-59237-997-4/978-1-59237-997-2
Price: $295.00
EBook ISBN: 978-1-59237-998-9 EBook Vendors

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