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Cannabis Canada

This is the first edition of Cannabis Canada, a brand new resource guide for the blooming marijuana industry in Canada. Legalization of recreational cannabis occurred on October 17, 2018, ushering in a new cannabis economy estimated to be worth upwards of $8.7 billion domestically in the short-term, and much more in the long-term. On a global scale, as more countries look to legalization, the industry could eventually be worth $200 billion. It truly is a new era, and with that comes rapid growth, expanding sectors, and industry players vying for position amid consumer demand and government regulations. Cannabis Canada aims to simplify the complications into one easy-to-use and informative guide.

This title is broken down into three main sections:

The State of the Cannabis Industry 2019
This section features 8 sub-chapters:

  • Glossary & Abbreviations
  • Chronology
  • Market Overview
  • Impacts on Real Estate
  • Health & Society
  • Law & Justice
  • Regulations
  • Conferences, Conventions, & Trade Shows

Company Listings
The company listings form an in-depth guide to help readers navigate the many facets of the industry. The following categories are included, with special features:

  • Associations
  • Education
  • Government
  • Health
  • Law
  • Publishing
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Industry Products & Services

This section provides detailed statistical breakdowns of health, justice, and the economy as they relate to cannabis in Canada, with statistics at national and provincial levels.

Five indexes finish off the title: Subject, Entry Name, Executive Name, Government Contact, and Geographic.

With 4,500 entries, 10,000 industry professionals, and a wealth of reports and statistics, Cannabis Canada is the only resource of its kind.

The Canadian Cannabis Guide will also be available online on Canada’s Information Resource Centre (CIRC). Thousands of companies and contacts are just a click away! Search by name or type of organization, subject, location, contact name or title and postal code. Export results and create mailing lists with this easy-to-use online database – an essential tool for researchers, students, marketing professionals and industry experts alike.

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