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Digital Literacy: Skills & Strategies

A CHOICE Top 75 Community College Resource for May 2023

Digital Literacy: Skills & Strategies provides a comprehensive collection of essays that help students, educators, and researchers understand the key and fundamental terms associated with the ever-evolving term, “digital literacy.” Building a digital literacy skill set encompasses a diverse set of strategies, including:

  • the development of critical thinking, evaluative skills, and ethical practices,
  • the ability to understand how various media and technologies affect one’s thinking and assumptions,
  • the emergence of familiarity with new and developing technical terms and concepts, and
  • the ability to design, produce, deploy, and synthesize information and texts via digital means

This new volume explores a wide range of topics for those wishing to augment their technological skills and comprehension. Making sense of how devices, software, and digital platforms operate can help in navigating many of the technologies that have become part of daily life. Taking a look back at how computers and later technologies developed sheds light on how profound an effect digital technology has had on humanity, with developments such as artificial intelligence raising questions about what it even means to be human. Access to digital technology plays an important role in determining individual opportunity, and several efforts are underway to lessen the digital divide.

Digital Literacy: Skills & Strategies begins with a comprehensive introduction written by volume editors Laura Nicosia and James F. Nicosia that clarifies the scope of the volume in relation to the ever evolving nature of technology. This is followed by 174 entries written by technological, educational, and legal experts. Categories begin with a brief introduction, followed by a background on the topic, and end with a list of reference sources for readers to explore.

Topics include:

  • Assessing digital literacy
  • Coding in the curriculum
  • Data management
  • The Freedom of Information Act
  • Game-based learning
  • Identity theft
  • Open source
  • Social impacts of cybercrime
  • Virtual reality
  • Wearable technology

This work also contains helpful appendices, including: Charts and graphs from federal and other sources; Glossary; Timeline; Websites and Organizations; Bibliography; and Subject Index.

This collection of essays is designed to help high school students, undergraduates, and adult readers develop and put these social, emotional, and technical facets of digital literacy into action. This volume introduces readers to the fundamentals of digital literacy using easy-to-understand language without the use of technical jargon. It is our aim to provide deeper levels of understanding for this inexorable area of vital twenty-first century life and workplace skills.


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