Directory of Directors Review

“The Financial Post Directory of Directors is published annually each fall and “presents an up-to-date list of Canadian business people, with the directorships and offices they hold” and “also contains a list of key Canadian companies, both privately traded and publicly owned.” The companies listed must meet the following criteria: incorporation in Canada; substantial revenue or assets; and Canadian residency for most of the directors for each company. Each of the entries for directors includes: name, title, degrees received, address, and previous positions. Each of the entries for companies includes name, address, telephone, website, directors, and other executive officers. Indexes include an Industrial Classification Index for Companies (e.g., banks, real estate); geographic index; and a list of abbreviations in directory listings. Additionally featured in this resource are reports: “Anatomy of a top Canadian Director”; “Canadian Board Diversity Council 2017 Annual report Card;” “The Inclusion Imperative: In 2018 building a better board means building a board that looks like Canada”; “Inbound M & A: What Directors Need to Know”; and a list of the Financial Post 500, its annual list of Canada’s largest company by revenue. The Financial Post Directory is an excellent repository of data about directors and their companies and features results of surveys about directors in Canada. Recommended especially to larger public business libraries and academic libraries supporting advanced degrees in Business Administration.”
-ARBA, 2019