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Encyclopedia of the Continental Congresses

Encyclopedia of the Continental Congresses provides an in-depth look at the first Continental Congress in 1774, the second Continental Congress from 1775-1789, and the first Federal Congress in 1789. A product of over 25 years of research, this encyclopedia contains over 500 entries and is the first to cover specifically the Continental Congresses and the persons, places, and events who had an impact on these formative bodies.

Detailed entries contain important information on the delegates who attended these meetings, focusing on the significant figures of the political social scene, as well as women and other figures involved at the time. In addition to these detailed biographies, this reference work includes in-depth accounts of places, battles, laws, treaties, and court cases that were significant to the workings of the Continental Congresses.

A to Z Entries
The Table of Contents lists the 509 entries in Encyclopedia of the Continental Congresses, from Andrew Adams to John Joachim Zubly. Browsing down the list, readers will note an impressive collection of topics, including The Bank of the United States, Relations with France, Lexington and Concord, Nassau Hall, and The Olive Branch Petition. All entries include either a photo or a state seal, italicized excerpts from relevant documents, and footnotes.

Historical Timeline
Following the A to Z listings (131 entries in all) is an Historical Timeline, beginning in 1764 with the passage of The Sugar Act and The Currency Act, both of which led to protest in the colonies. The Timeline ends in 1789, when the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives met in New York City, marking the official end to the Second Continental Congress. 

Primary Documents
31 Primary Documents offer additional insight into this period of American history in general and the workings of the Continental Congresses in particular. These fully reprinted documents include speeches, letters, resolutions, declarations, and more. Here, readers will find familiar documents, such as Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech, as well as more obscure texts, like a letter from John Adams describing his journey to the First Continental Congress. All documents include a brief but illuminating introductory note.

Six appendices offer interesting details in an easy-to-find format:

  • Delegates to the Continental Congress by State
  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence by Occupation
  • Signers of the Articles of Confederation by State
  • Presidents of the Continental Congress; Places and Times of Sessions of the Continental Congress
  • Statistics on the Thirteen Colonies

This comprehensive Bibliography groups material by type, including:

  • Books and Articles
  • Unpublished Dissertations, Master’s Theses, and Other Works
  • Newspapers and Magazines Used
  • Continental Congress and Other Federal Colonial Documents
  • U.S. Government Documents Post-1789
  • Colonial and State Government Documents
  • Other U.S. Government Documents; British Government Documents
  • Manuscript Collections

Subject Index
Additionally, a detailed Subject Index helps readers quickly find just what they are looking for, including individuals, places, battles, acts, and other items of interest related to the Continental Congresses.

With more than 500 informative A-Z entries, over 30 primary documents, six Appendices, and an Historical Timeline exploring the pivotal first moments of American history, Encyclopedia of Continental Congresses is invaluable to students, researchers, librarians, scholars, lawyers, government officials, and general interest readers.

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