Financial Literacy Basics Review

“Financial Literacy Basis is a new series from Grey House Publishing and Weiss Ratings; each volume “provides readers with easy-to-understand guidance on how to manage their finances.” The eight titles in the series are: Guide to Understanding Health Insurance Plans; How to Make and Stick to a Budget; How to Manage Debt; Starting a 401 (k); Tips for Paying Back Student Loans; Understanding Renters Insurance; What to Know about Auto Insurance; and What to Know about Checking Accounts. Each brief and to-the-point title uses a step-by-step approach and includes graphs to emphasize the various steps, as well as worksheets. A listing of Weiss’ ratings and recommendations is included as a helpful guide. For instance in the publication What to Know about Auto Insurance, the volume lists Weiss’ Ratings Recommended Auto Insurers by State; these insurers receive a Weiss Safety Rating of A+, A, A-, or B+. For each recommended company the name, address, and telephone number are listed. Appendixes include resources for further information, an explanation of the Weiss ratings system, and a glossary of terms. Specifics for each topic are covered and explained clearly and concisely in all the volumes. For example, What to Know About Checking Accounts defines what a checking account is, the benefits, how to choose a bank, types of checking accounts, overdraft fees, how to open a checking account, how to balance the account, electronic transfers, and how to use the check register. This is a highly recommended source for consumers and it can be used for young people or for anybody who needs guidance in the area of financial literacy. Public libraries should consider keeping this series in their reference departments and those teaching financial literacy classes should definitely consult this series.”
-ARBA, 2017