FPbonds: Corporate Review

“This hefty volume provides accessible financial information covering bonds issued by companies incorporated in the nation of Canada. It primarily offers a comprehensive listing of outstanding (as of May 2016) publicly and privately owned held debt securities issues by these companies, but includes a large variety of supplemental information as well. Readers will find information for companies such as Air Canada; Brookfield Office Properties, Inc.; Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.; Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.; and Suncor Energy Inc.

The book’s opening pages are immensely helpful towards understanding the current state of Canadian markets. These pages include a summary of the Ontario Securities Commission Fixed-Income Market Report as well as several tables and charts reflecting corporate debt financing and the Canada Yield Price; a list of commonly used abbreviations; and a series of tables denoting convertible debt, retractable debt, exchangeable debt, extendible debt, and asset-backed securities.
The real crux of the book, however, encompasses listings for well over 500 companies (presented alphabetically) and the securities they issue. Each listing may include information such as Dominion Bond Rating Service (DBRS) rating, type of securities, redemption instruction, redemption dates, CUSIP number, interest rate, and lead underwriters, among other things…would be valuable to those needing quick and up-to-date information on the securities offerings of Canadian companies.”