FPbonds - Government Review

“FP Bonds-Government “lists outstanding publicly and privately held debt securities, together with their features and provisions, issued by the Government of Canada, the provinces and selected federal and provincial agencies.” Unless otherwise indicated, all issues and amounts are outstanding as of March 31, 2018. This resource is arranged into three main sections: Canada which includes details of debt issued by the Government of Canada and its federal agencies listed by maturity date plus data about Canada Savings Bonds; Provincial Debt with data on debt arranged by province; and Eurobonds, including debts offered by the European market. Also included are: a report of the Financial System Review of Canada; a report, “The Life Cycle of Government of Canada Bonds in Core Funding Markets”; a report, and “Has Liquidity in Canadian Government Bond Markets Deteriorated?” FP Bonds-Government provides a wealth of information and data about publicly and privately held debt securities, and it is recommended for larger public libraries, and academic libraries supporting a postgraduate program in business, and to investors and practitioners researching the bond markets.”

-ARBA, 2019
(Review for 2018 Edition)