FPsurvey - Industrials Review

FP Survey-Industrials serves as a guide to all industrial companies publicly traded and reporting in Canada. Coverage includes companies involved in banking, manufacturing, real estate, forestry, financial management, and other areas. In each company entry, users will find a full legal name; an introductory paragraph; an address, telephone, website, and email; a profile, describing company’s business and operations; recent merger and acquisition activity; directors, trustees, and other executive officers; capital stock; major shareholder information; price range for stocks; capital stock changes; dividends; long-term debt; financial statistics; and related companies (wholly owned subsidiaries, subsidiaries). Data is gathered by the Financial Post (FP) from corporate reports, news releases, company websites, filings of the Ontario Securities Commission’s filings, price feeds from stock exchanges, and inquiries sent to the company. In addition to the directory information, FP Survey-Industrials contains: Guide to Financial Statistics Tables; Top Ten by Industry (listings of companies within various industries among which are banks, energy, utilities, and transportation); the Year in Review (including corporate name changes and dividend changes); abbreviations listing; and an index of companies. The FP Survey-Industrials is a comprehensive source of data for industrial companies publicly traded in Canada. It is highly recommended to academic libraries supporting undergraduate and graduate business programs and to larger public and research libraries.
-ARBA, 2018

“FP Survey-Industrials is a company directory from the Financial Post, and it contains publicly traded manufacturing and service companies in Canada. It includes over 3,000 manufacturing and service companies. Published by Grey House Publishing Canada, this directory includes financial and operational information of the companies with some added information available as well.

This directory is well organized with a table of contents, introduction, features, definitions and abbreviations, and an index. The company entries contain the company name, symbol, exchange, CUSIP, address and other contact information, and its auditors, bankers, lawyers, and transfer agents. There is also the FP500 subsidiary revenue, number of employees, and profile that includes when and where incorporated, type of business it does, and other basic company information. The entries also include recent merger and acquisition activity, predecessor details, directors and other executives, major shareholders, and related companies including subsidiaries. There is also financial and stock information including dividends and a historical summary for revenue, income, and earnings per share…Overall, this is a standard company directory that would be useful for finding basic information on Canadian public companies. The content look to be up to date…The organization of the directory is easy to follow and the added definitions, abbreviations, and other explanations help users to understand.”