Global Terror & Political Risk Assessment

This important new reference tool combines an overview of the major incidents of terror and political unrest around the world in 2009, an expert, in-depth global risk forecast for 2010, along with country-by-country overviews and major risk events to put the country’s unrest in an historical context. With many four-color maps and graphs, no other resource offers this level of detailed analysis of terror and political risk, in an easy-to-use single volume, in such a user-friendly, accessible format.

  • Detailed Introduction gives the reader an important overview of political risk assessment. Special coverage is given to the Language of Risk, to give the reader further background data.
  • The Year in Review – two informative sections provide an important overview for the reader
    • Chronological Assessment outlines the world’s terror incidents and cases of political or social unrest in 2009
    • Over 40 Special Reports provide expanded coverage on selected risk events, to offer the reader an extra level of background and social or political context
  • In-Depth Subject Essays – provides even more detail on a number of current event topics critical to risk assessment. Topics in this edition include Agriculture in Africa, Terrorism & Piracy in Somalia and Commercial Outlook of Pakistan
  • 2010 Forecast – arranged by region, this informative section identifies and analyzes areas of terror and political risk around the world for the coming year
  • Country Risk Profiles – offers an entry for every country in the world, profiles begin with a narrative Risk Overview, written by country experts, and provide a Current Overall Risk Level Indicator (from severe to low), a chronology of Key Incidents from the last five years
  • Appendices: Key Events by Sector/Market, Key Events by Category and Countries by Risk Level

Written by an experienced team of risk assessment specialists, Exclusive Analysis LTD in the UK, in an easily-assessable format, these historic analyses and political insights will enrich a wide range of research needs, from historical, political, social and religious trends to business and travel risk.

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Pub. Date: March 2010
Softcover: 850 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59237-680-3
Price: $450