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Financial Ratings Series Online combines the strength of Weiss Ratings to offer the library community a single source for financial strength ratings and financial planning tools covering Banks, Insurers, Mutual Funds and Stocks. This powerful database will provide the accurate, independent information your patrons need to make INFORMED DECISIONS about their financial planning.

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Weiss Ratings' Guide to Banks

Most people automatically assume their bank will survive, year after year. However, in this world of shifting risks, no financial institution is certain, and a bank’s failure could cause lost money, lost time, tied-up deposits, dropped credit lines, and the transfer to another institution under not-so-friendly terms. Luckily, Weiss Ratings’ Guide to Banks gives both novice and experienced bankers the tools they need to survive in today’s shifting economic market.

About the Series

Grey House’s Financial Ratings Series combines the strength of Weiss Ratings and Grey House Publishing to offer the public a single, comprehensive source for financial strength ratings and financial planning tools. From health insurers to banks and credit unions to stocks and mutual funds, the Financial Ratings Series provides accurate, independent information that consumers need to make informed financial decisions.

All of Weiss Ratings’ Guides are published quarterly, utilize a clear-cut A-to-F rating system (similar to school grading systems), and contain more complete, up-to-date ratings than any of their competitors. This edition of Weiss Ratings’ Guide to Banks features ratings and analyses of over 8,500 U.S. commercial banks, savings banks, and savings & loans. Many of these companies are not rated anywhere else.

Guide to Banks

Weiss Ratings’ Guide to Banks is divided into three sections, preceded by an introductory section and followed by a thorough Appendix. Weiss’ complete letter-grade rubric is detailed on the inside front cover—an easily accessible reference for users researching companies in this guide.

The introductory section begins by welcoming the user and laying out the mission statement, followed by a “How To Use This Guide” orientation to the book. The final components of this section are an explanation of the Financial Strength Ratings used in the book and a page of important warnings and cautions for the user to take into account when evaluating banks.

Section I is an Index of Banks. This section contains Financial Strength Ratings, Key Rating Factors, and summarized financial data for all U.S. federally-insured commercial banks, savings banks, and savings & loans. Companies are sorted in alphabetical order, first by company name, then by city and state.

Section II contains a Recommended Company List. This is a list of companies receiving a Financial Strength Rating of A+, A, A-, or B+. Recommended institutions are listed in the state in which they currently operate one or more branches, and then organized alphabetically by city.

Section III is a list of Rating Upgrades and Downgrades that identifies those institutions receiving a rating change since the previous edition, whether it be a rating upgrade, rating downgrade, newly rated company, or the withdrawal of a rating. Each listing contains the Institution’s Name, New Financial Strength Rating, State, and Date of Change.

The guide ends with an Appendix containing three sections: a list of Recent Bank Failures, a detailed chart called “How Do Banks and Credit Unions Differ?”, and a Glossary containing the most important terms used throughout the publication.

Weiss Ratings’ Guide to Banks presents the most comprehensive, accurate, and independent analyses and ratings of U.S. banks in an accessible format, so users at any level can easily navigate through this incomparable resource. Since the guide is published quarterly, the information and ratings react quickly to changes in the industry, and users can rest assured that all ratings are up-to-date.

Online Subscription

Weiss Ratings’ Guide to Banks is also available for subscription as part of the Financial Ratings Series Online, giving users the tools to discover the best, most financially stable organizations in business today. Using a quick and easy search screen, subscribers to the online database will have access to Financial Strength Ratings for more than 21,000 Banks, Credit Unions, and Insurance Companies (Auto, Life, Health, and Homeowners’), as well as Investment Ratings for over 6,000 Stocks and 16,000 Mutual Funds. Additionally, subscribers will have access to individually customized Medigap Buyer’s Guides, a Long-Term Care Insurance Planner, a Ratings Track Record, and many other financial planning tools. Visit www.greyhouse.weissratings.com for subscription details.

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Pub. Date: July 2019
Softcover: 295 pages
ISBN: 978-1-64265-169-0
Price: $279
Includes Free Online Access on Weiss Ratings