Weiss Ratings Guide to Health Insurers Review

“Weiss Ratings' Guide to Health Insurers contains a wealth of information for consumers, healthcare professionals, and students and faculty of colleges and universities supporting an insurance program. Recommended.”

“…the ratings are unbiased and are recognized as the insurance industry’s leading consumer advocate… This rating guide is recommended as a priority purchase for large public libraries and academic libraries.”

“With 20 years behind its insurance‐advocacy research, Weiss continues to offer a wealth of information that helps consumers weigh their healthcare options now and in the future.”
‐Today’s Librarian

“A Government Accounting Office study found that Weiss identified financial vulnerability earlier than the other rating agencies. The Weiss Rating’s… is useful for evaluating the financial safety of companies offering medical reimbursement insurance, managed health care, disability income, long‐term care insurance, and dental insurance.”

“Through eight chapters, Mars‐Proietti offers lucid analyses of nearly 1500 companies, basing qualitative assessments on various factors, including risky investment holdings, premiums paid out, and long‐term fiscal responsibility… Highly recommended for public libraries.”
‐Library Journal

“This directory is of some use, but the relevance of the information still primarily pertains to investors and those who have significant business acumen. This guide is recommended for business and investment collections.”