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Hudson's Washington News Media Contacts Guide

Published for over 50 years, Hudson’s Washington News Media Contacts Guide brings you immediate access to over 3,000 news organizations and their holdings, and more than 4,000 key media contacts. This volume is arranged into the following sections:

  • News Services:
    This chapter is divided into sections for General News, Specialized News, Photo Services, and City Wires.
  • Newspapers with D.C. Bureaus:
    Newspapers that are HQ elsewhere, but have news bureaus in D.C. These listings are divided into General News and Specialized News.
  • Newspapers Headquartered in the D.C. Metro Area:
    Divided into sections for General News and Specialized News, these listings are headquartered in D.C. proper or nearby in Maryland or Virginia.

  • Foreign News:
    Includes both News Services and Newspapers, with country/city or origin, that are based in other countries, but maintain a news bureau in the D.C. Metro Area.
  • Syndicates & Columnists:
    This chapter lists major syndicates whose columnists operate primarily in the D.C. Metro Area.

  • Radio & TV Stations:
    This chapter is divided into sections for Guest Programs, Stations Headquartered in the D.C. Metro Area, Stations Headquartered Elsewhere with Bureaus in D.C., and Foreign Stations with Bureaus in D.C.

This 2019 edition of Washington News Media Contacts Guide is an indispensable key to those news media contacts based in our nation’s capital. As news outlets continue to merge, fold, and reinvent themselves, this work is an ideal resource for public relations and marketing professionals, journalists, association officials, political consultants, lobbyists, and anyone interested in getting their story heard in the Washington arena.

A detailed Table of Contents and a User’s Guide help users navigate the 20 sub-categories included in the guide. Additionally, five indexes assist users in locating the exact place or person they are looking for:

 Entry Name Index: An alphabetical listing of all media listings.
 Geographic Index/Foreign Media: A country/city guide to all foreign media sources with a presence in D.C.
 Personnel Index: An alphabetical listing of all key media contacts.
 Magazine Subject Index: Includes 75 categories from Advertising to Urban Affairs.

This kind of comprehensive and up-to-date information would cost thousands of dollars to replicate or countless hours of searching to find.  This volume will save time as you either search for news specialists interested in your story, or field story requests as a member of the media. The organization and arrangement of information is designed to pinpoint precisely the right person at the right media outlet. Don’t miss this opportunity to have this important resource in your collection, and start saving time and money today.

Whether in print or online, Hudson’s Washington News Media Contacts Guide is the perfect research tool for Public Relations, Marketing, Networking, and so much more. Plus, anyone looking to start a career in media, communications, and journalism will find thousands of leads for internships, job searches, and career-building.  This resource is a gold mine of information and would be a welcome addition to any reference collection.

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Pub. Date: February 2019
Softcover: 270 pages
ISBN: 978-1-64265-070-9
Price: $289
Includes Free Online Access on the GOLD Platform