Older Americans Information Resource Review

“The Older American Information Resource is a treasure trove of resources for senior citizens. Highly recommended for public library collections.”
-ARBA, 2018

“…provides older Americans (defined here as over 65) with thousands of helpful, informative resources…Coverage in the directory is comprehensive. Seniors have information not only on prevalent social, physical, political, psychological, and economic issues, but also on those that can enrich their lives, like travel and education.”

“…Older Americans Information Directory [is] designed to meet the information needs of this population …The publishers have set forth an ambitious goal of ‘providing a comprehensive source of information’ for older Americans… the Older Americans Information Directory succeeds in presenting patrons and librarians alike with a one-stop, recently updated, information resource for this age group… Consumer health and public libraries that deal extensively with this age group will find this…a useful addition.”
–Medical Reference Services Quarterly

“…Indexes by name, geographic area, and subject are extremely helpful for cross-reference searches. The volume is rich in resources in physical assistance, health and legal aids…It is a valuable reference for public and academic libraries or organizations that serve senior populations and support senior research…”

“An essential resource for public libraries and any academic library supporting a program of study for those training to work with the elderly.”
-Library Journal

“[T]his is a thorough collection of organizations and resources, particularly with regard to the health care needs of the elderly. It is recommended for academic and public libraries.”

“ … Contains contact information for national and state organizations and agencies, as well as organizations that fall under specific topics (such as arthritis). Additionally there is a section of statistics and short articles on topics of interest to seniors. Medical libraries or organizations and individuals directly serving seniors, such as social workers or senior-services organizations, would be the most likely to find this volume helpful.”
- Booklist Online

“…provides information on assistive devices for the elderly and disabled, and…lists health-related associations, support groups, and hot lines for some of the most common senior ailments, such as Alzheimer’s disease…this book lists many useful contacts for all types of social, medical, and service-related organizations for the elderly. Most entries contain descriptive information about the organization listed…Libraries…will want to upgrade by buying this title and anyone working with the elderly will find it a good general source of information.”
–Library Journal

“This substantial directory…is packed with useful information for Americans 65 and older…This is a very useful resource for any public, academic, or special library serving a senior population and for libraries supporting health sciences programs. Summing Up: Recommended Upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, professionals/practitioners and general readers.”