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Opinions Throughout History: Free Speech & Censorship

This volume of Opinions Throughout History looks at the history and evolution of “free speech” and the freedom of expression and also of efforts to limit this right through censorship. While Americans are accustomed to viewing the United States as the exemplar of free speech and the free press, this has not always been the case. Until relatively recently in the nation’s history, censorship in the media in the public discourse was quite common. Though the First Amendment guarantees are a traditional and cherished part of American culture, the idea of free speech has changed over time, as have attitudes about when it is acceptable to censor and control speech. Topics covered in his volume will include political debates, the function of the free press, censorship of literature, video games, and various kinds of art, and the debate over free speech and corporations.

Pub. Date: January 2022
Hardcover: 600 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63700-119-6
Price: $195
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e-ISBN: 978-1-63700-120-2
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