Opinions Throughout History: Gender: Roles & Rights Review

“Beginning with a discussion of the patriarchal system in colonial America in 1777 and ending with an examination of the #MeToo movement in 2018, this work provides an insightful analysis of gender issues and public policy throughout history. Six sections cover constitutional rights, sexual nonconformity, workplace issues, LGBTQ rights, birth control and reproduction, and marriage and parenting. Each chapter uses a primary or secondary source to examine an aspect of the subject, with Issit offering commentary and discussion questions. Also featured are historical snapshots of events from 1793 to 2018, footnotes, a detailed overview, and a historical time line from 1533 to the present. . . The author effectively explores the complexities and controversies of the topic in a way that high school students will find accessible. Consider where primary and secondary source documents are needed.”

–School Library Journal, 2019

"With gender identity and sexuality issues in the news, this volume in Grey House’s Opinions throughout History series is a welcome reference tool. The book begins with an overview essay discussing gender concepts and a timeline from 1533 through 2018 with notable relevant events. Six major sections divided into 28 chapters follow. These sections cover major topics: citizenship & constitutional rights; sexual nonconformity & changing policy; in the workplace; LGBTQ+ rights; birth control & reproduction; and marriage & parenting. Each chapter features primary and secondary source documents such as newspaper and magazine articles, speeches, court decisions, and legislation. Commentary by scholars in the field, a conclusion, discussion questions, and a bibliography complete the chapter. A final essay on ideas about gender, notes, a complete list of sources included, a glossary, and a bibliography appear at the end of the volume. There is also a chapter of historical snapshots to situate the documents within the broader context of world events.

Since the book discusses everything from the origin of patriarchy though transgender parenting rights, it is a valuable resource for students of history, psychology, and the social sciences. It will also be very useful for debate preparation."