Profiles of Texas Review

“This title is included in Grey House Publishing’s State Profiles series; it also includes content from Profiles of America. The demographic data has been updated. Key facts, a photo gallery, a brief history of Texas, a timeline of Texas history, an introduction to Texas government, land, and natural resources, several color maps, a Texas energy profile, household energy use in Texas, and demographic maps are all included in this new section. Details were added so it is more granular. The profiles are organized alphabetically by county, then by place. Although the listings for each place are easy for patrons to use and understand, other portions, such as the Comparative Statistics and the Community Rankings, require more expertise to properly interpret and analyze the data. In this book, Community Rankings includes places with a population of 2,500 or more. Profiles of America includes populations of 10,000 or more in their Regional Rankings. Two new statistics, "median selected monthly owner costs,” were calculated with and without mortgage. The Texas Public School Educational Profile includes school district rankings and summaries from the state tests.

For libraries in Texas, you’ll want this updated data. Highly recommended for all academic and public libraries.”