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The Religious Right

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Timely and unbiased, this new fourth edition explores the influence of religion on legislation and society, while examining the alignment of the religious right with the political right. From the fight to outlaw the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution to the current debate about abortion rights and gay and lesbian rights, the religious right is continually exerting an influence on public policy. This volume offers a critical historical survey of the religious right movement, focusing on its increased involvement in the political arena, attempts to forge coalitions, and notable success and failures.

This fourth edition offers expanded coverage, several new features and an extensive update to all sections:

  • Introductory Essay: “The Religious Right in America”
  • Historical Timeline: from 1835 and completely updated through 2019
  • Biographical Profiles: over 50 up-to-date biographies, with photos
  • Survey Data & Analysis: an in-depth breakdown of charts, tables and rankings, that takes the latest social survey data available and provides insight and analysis
  • Expanded Primary Documents & Quotations: offers over 20 full-length primary documents and nearly 40 quotations
  • Organizations: provides careful write-ups and contact information for organizations affiliated with the religious right and those opposing it
  • Suggested Readings, Multimedia Resources, Glossary & Subject Index

Comprehensive in its scope, this work offers easy-to-read, pertinent information for those seeking to understand the religious right and its evolving role in American society. A must for libraries of all sizes, university religion departments, activists, high schools and for those interested in this fascinating and timely subject.

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