The Religious Right: A Reference Handbook

Timely and unbiased, this third edition updates and expands its examination of the religious right and its influence on our government, citizens, society, and politics. From the fight to outlaw the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution to the struggle to outlaw abortion, the religious right is continually exerting an influence on public policy.

Features of this new edition:

  • The authoritative experience of authors Glenn H. Utter and John W. Storey, presenting a balanced view of a most controversial and passionate topic
  • Currency of data, with all elements verified and updated through 2006
  • New articles, 12 new biographical profiles, and dozens of photographs
  • Improvements to organization and accessibility of data, including an expanded Table of Contents, plus helpful introductory material for individual chapters
  • A new section with 13 primary source documents

Each chapter summary includes an Introduction as well as a Chronology that ranges from 1835 to 2006. The Bographical Profiles section has been expanded, now totaling 54 profiles including: David Barton, Ted Haggard, Richard Land, Joyce Meyer, and many more!

The Analysis of Survey Data has been updated with survey data from both the National Opinion Center and Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion. This chapter offers 16 tables and the results are analyzed.

The new chapter, Primary Documents & Quotations includes two main sections - Religious Right Views and Commentary on the Religious Right, each with several sub topics than range from Culture and the Culture War to the Right to Bear Arms. 

Directory of Organizations includes 73 organizations both in support of (62), and critical of (11), the religious right. Each updated listing includes contact information, key contacts and publications, as well as a detailed description of the organization’s history and activities.

Additional resources include Suggested Readings and Multimedia Resources, as well as a Glossary and an Index.

Comprehensive in its scope, this work offers easy-to-read, pertinent information for those seeking to understand the religious right and its evolving role in American society. A must for libraries of all sizes, university religion departments, activists, high schools and for those interested in the evolving role of the religious right.

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