Ancestry & Ethnicity in America

“Overall, this is a fascinating and interesting look at who we are as a country…”
-Booklist Online

“As the most detailed resource on the market today that looks at the ethnic makeup of the US,
this second edition (1st ed., Ancestry in America, CH, Dec’03, 41-1923) offers expanded data based
on places with populations greater than 7,500, drawn from the 2010 US Census. The earlier edition only included data from areas with populations larger than 10,000. Besides having more current census data, this updated two-volume set features significant improvements, e.g., alphabetical and group rankings by ethnic and national profiles; state-by-state charts and color national maps indicating population
concentrations of Americans in the top 20
ancestries; populations in census designated
racial groups; and those of Hispanic origin. Summing Up: Recommended.”

“There is nothing comparable to Ancestry in America…the compilation and synthesis of
disparate data files…along with the comparative rankings, make this a value-added, easy-to-use
publication. Recommended for academic, public, and special libraries.”

“This book is a practical market research tool. It can be used to identify new markets and to more effectively promote to existing markets by creating targeted campaigns building on cultural preferences.”

“Ancestry in America…is a unique statistical compilation… Many libraries will find this resource useful for answering the occasional reference question on ethnic backgrounds in specific places. However, Ancestry in America should also prove a statistical bonanza for those doing in-depth
research on ethnic population in the U.S.”
-Against the Grain

“Some social commentators argue that because racial criteria are subjective and ethnic identity largely symbolic by the third generation, Census questions on race and ethnicity are inconsistent, irrational, politicized, and incapable of eliciting coherent response. But since these factors play a major role in American culture, such data continue to be compiled… A companion CD-ROM listing similar data for all 35,000 places is available free upon request with purchase of the print edition…this work is of use to researchers in demography, marketing, sociology, and political science.”
-Library Journal