Educator's Resource Guide

“It is truly amazing to have such a large bulk of useful information that is so neatly and thoughtfully arranged in one directory guide. The volume consists of three main sections. The first section covers different resources that are important for educators’ professional development. These resources include various professional organizations, associations, conferences, teaching opportunities abroad, and information and technology resources to create positive innovative learning environments. The second section contains a vast number of tables and charts of statistics and rankings in twenty-five different educational categories, such as elementary education, secondary education, and postsecondary education; the data goes beyond the U.S. educational system and covers some aspects of the Canadian and international educational systems. The tables and charts are well-organized and formatted. The section ends with a good-sized glossary that helps identify and define important educational terms and notations. The last section offers three types of indexes: entry and publisher name index, geographic index, and subject index, which are valuable finding aids. This directory guide’s visual design simplicity highly increases its practical application. The proximity between the listings is sufficient, and the titles of the listings are bolded, which facilitates navigation. This directory guide can act as a ready-reference book because everyday use can help educators discover new helpful information that can be used to improve their professional skills and increase learning motivation in their classrooms and schools. This book is suitable for anyone who is involved in education or teaching, and is highly recommended for public and academic libraries and for general or professional reading audiences.”
-ARBA, 2018

“… It is notoriously difficult to find the correct contact person in two areas: submissions to publications and application for teaching abroad. Both of these areas are well covered in this encyclopedia… Education professionals will be able to use this source for employment, publishing, and conference opportunities. Merely browsing the topics will most likely cause readers to discover new avenues they had not previously considered… This one volume has the capacity to save literally hours of valuable research time. While most of the information can be found scattered in other sources, this book will be a useful addition to a school system, public library, or academic library that offers degrees in education.”

“This handy tool, appropriate for larger public and academic libraries as well as school districts, will be highly valuable to those writing education grants…”
-Library Journal

“All school, public, and academic libraries need an up to date education directory to keep them abreast of new developments in the field and this is a worthy choice.”

“Education professionals (including teachers, administrators, and librarians), researchers, and students entering the field will benefit… this directory will be a good ready-reference resource for K-12 professionals, as well as academic libraries supporting teacher education programs.”

“Each section is organized clearly and logically… Each entry includes an address and telephone number, and sometimes a fax number and the name of a contact person. Three indexes--by entry, by publisher, and by subject--facilitate information retrieval. This is a well-organized directory…The work is recommended for all collections that serve elementary and secondary school professionals.”