“… The title focuses on school textbooks but also includes reference books, periodicals, maps, pedagogical books, tests, teaching aids, and programmed learning materials that appear in book form. Seven indexes…starting with the main subject index, which is arranged into broad subject areas, including art, education, literature, drama, and social science, with specific subdivisions. Searches in this index are facilitated by see and see also references, guide words, and the table of contents. Subject index listings typically include title, series affiliation, author, coauthor, editor, translator, grade publication date, education level, binding, price, related supplementary materials, ISBN, imprint, and publishers. When available, the index lists a separate price for schools. Asterisks are used at the beginning of a listing to indicate if the book is newly added to this year's edition. Volume one also contains an author index, which provides page references to the relevant listing in the subject index.

The second volume has a title index that includes page references to the subject index, followed by a series index, a serials-subject index, a serials-title index, a publisher name index, and a wholesaler & distributor name index. The latter two indexes provide necessary contact data along with ISBN prefixes and other pertinent information.

For busy librarians and teachers, this will serve as an important and comprehensive reference source, combining in one easy-to-use volume access to information on titles from every conceivable publisher.”