Encyclopedia of Historical Warrior Peoples & Modern Fighting Groups

“Readers will find useful information here concerning war and insurrection covering 4,000 years, from the “first warrior people,” the Akkadians (2300 B.C.) to the Green Berets and ISIS… this volume provides wide-ranging information on the conflicts and confrontations in our history and the people who fought in them. The text reads easily and is accessible to interested teens and adults. Libraries that serve these populations should consider this book.”
-ARBA, 2017

“This single-volume encyclopedia is ideal for public and academic libraries in need of a general overview on the history of warrior peoples… This expanded edition offers expert knowledge and should be the first stop for any researcher.”
-Booklist, 2017

“The writing in this volume is accessible and detailed yet won’t overwhelm readers with jargon. Maps, photographs, and illustrations provide further information and understanding of the material… VERDICT This is an enlightening resource for those seeking to learn about the history of militarized groups from the Acadians to the Islamic State. For high school, academic, and public libraries.”
-Library Journal, 2017