FPequities: Preferreds & Derivatives

“FP (Financial Post) Equities-Preferred & Derivatives is arranged within sections: Preferred Shares which lists outstanding publicly and privately held preferred shares “with detailed descriptions of their features”; Ratings features ratings from Dominion Bond Rating Service (dated May 8, 2018); and Derivatives which covers Preferred Securities; Structured Profits; Income Trusts; and Warrants. Each listing in the Preferred Shares section includes DBRS rating; dividend details; redemption dates; exchange; lead underwriters; transfer agent; registrar; exchange traded; symbol; and CUSIP number. Ratings section lists issuer name, rating, description, and last update. The Derivatives section listings include DBRS rating; dividend details redemption; retraction; lead underwriters; transfer agent; registrar; exchanges; symbol and CUSIP number; and tables that include warrants by issuer; trust units; and warrants by expiry date. FP Equities-Preferred & Derivatives also includes the articles “Evolution of the Canadian Preferred Share Market” and “Canadian Preferred Share Market.” This resource should prove to be of value to investors and brokers and is recommended for larger public libraries and academic libraries supporting an advanced degree in business and finance.”
-ARBA, 2019
(Review for 2018 Edition)

“This annual publication offers a compact listing of preferred shares and derivatives outstanding as of May, 2016, as extracted from the Canadian Securities Market.
The book’s information is divided into three parts, beginning with a listing of Preferred Shares. Defining these as fixed income securities, the section provides an alphabetical (by company name) table of contents before conveying details on each company’s offerings. Features such as class and series, dividend details, transfer agent, symbol, redemption details, and more are including for each offering. This section also includes several tables noting Convertible Preferred Shares, Retractable Preferred Shares and Structures Products, and Exchangeable Preferred Shares.

The second part of the book opens with a clear outline of the DBRS (Dominion Bond Rating Service) rating scale used in the Canadian securities market, which considers the likelihood of the borrower meeting its obligation in due time. Two tables regarding Preferred Shares/Securities (alphabetized by issuer) and Income Fun Stability are also included here.

The final part focuses on four separate areas of derivatives: Preferred Securities, Structured Products, Income Trusts, and Warrants. For each area, the book includes a description and relevant tables, organized by expiry date or issuer.

Supplementary information, such as the Canadian Preferred Shares Report and a listing of common abbreviations, contribute to the ease of navigation and helps broaden readers’ general understanding of the topic. This publication fits the bill for those needing quick and reliable information on the Canadian securities market.”
-ARBA, 2015
(Review for 2016 Edition)