Opinions Throughout History: Immigration Reviews

"Immigration is a major issue in the United States at this time. This book in Grey House’s Opinions Throughout History series examines immigration through the attitudes and ideas that have shaped policy. An introductory essay presents basic concepts, and a timeline from 1492 to 2017 lists major events. The 31 chapters that follow use primary and secondary resources including magazine and newspaper articles, speeches, court decisions, and legislation to paint a picture of immigration policy and process as they evolve historically. Each chapter includes an introduction, a list of concepts covered, analysis by scholars, a conclusion, discussion questions, and a reading list. Black-and-white illustrations augment the text. Historical snapshots at the end of the book place the ideas presented within the larger context of events occurring in the country. A list of sources presented, a glossary, and a bibliography complete the work.

Since the book examines liberalism, progressivism, and conservatism in the context of immigration and looks at the idea of American identity, it is very useful and timely. By looking at everything from treaties with Native American nations to the ban on travel from Muslim-majority countries, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of major issues that American society must confront. It is a useful resource for students, debaters, and anyone who wishes to be well-informed on these issues."
– ARBA, 2019

Americans have had strong opinions on the matter of immigration to this country from the earliest days of the Republic. That is the message of this new reference work, one of several volumes in a new series entitled “Opinions through History.” The book includes 31 chapters in chronological order from Colonial times to the present controversy over the need for a wall on the southern US border. Each chapter concentrates on a specific document and then provides extensive commentary on that document. The publisher notes that “the intent is to guide the reader through the process of understanding how each document contributed to, or is a reflection of, changing attitudes on important issues of public interest.” The volume also includes endnotes, a list of primary and secondary sources, a glossary, and a thorough bibliography.” Summing Up: Recommended…”
– CHOICE, 2019