Profiles of Ohio

“This is the fourth edition of Profiles of Ohio. This title presents data on the history, statistics, and demographics for all the populated communities and counties in Ohio for which the US Census provides statistics in addition to data on 132 unincorporated places in the state.

The book begins with a general user guide and three sectional user guides for education, ancestry and ethnicity, and climate. These are followed by About Ohio, section one, where users can find information about key facts and state emblems; color photographs that represent the state; a brief history of Ohio; information on government, land, and natural resources; and full-color demographic maps. Following this is the second section on state profiles, organized alphabetically by county and based on data from the 2010 Census and American Community Survey along with current government statistics and original research. This section presents information about a county's geography, ancestry, economy, housing, transportation, industry, education, population, health insurance, religion, climate, national and state parks, and schools. An alphabetical place index wraps up this portion.

Section three, comparative statistics uses dozens of data points to compare Ohio's 100 largest communities…Next, a new section called Community Rankings looks at places with population of over 10,000 and ranks the top 150 and bottom 150 in dozens of categories like population density, Black/African American population, population under age 18, and rental vacancy rate. Those interested in education statistics will find school district ratings in the fifth section, along with National Assessment of Education Progress and State Report Card data.

The sixth part, Ancestry and Ethnicity, provides a wealth of information about ancestry and ethnicity in the Buckeye State. The final section, Climate, includes maps, a list of weather stations by county, weather station rankings, and more.

This title, densely packed with vital information, is recommended for libraries in Ohio. Free online access is available to buyers of this fourth edition.”