Profiles of Pennsylvania

“This fact-filled reference contains abundant information—historical, demographic, statistical, governmental—about all populated places in Pennsylvania, drawing largely on Grey House's larger compendium, Profiles of America. The table of contents is followed by an extensive User Guide that has separate explanations of the data and sources used in each section—Country Profiles, Community Profiles, Education, Ancestry and Ethnicity, and Climate. The first section, About Pennsylvania, provides users with such basic state facts as the state tree, highest and lowest points, and the state song. This section also includes a brief history of Pennsylvania, a guide to state government, demographic maps, and much more. The Profiles come next in alphabetic order. This, the largest section, is easily browsed or searched by the place-name index at the end of the profiles. The remaining sections, in order, are: Comparative Statistics, Community Rankings, Education, Ancestry and Ethnicity, and Climate. Here users can find answers to questions like population by race/Hispanic origin, the five largest ancestry groups, crime rates by place, and much more. This is a valuable resource for Pennsylvania libraries. Recommended.”