Profiles of Wisconsin

“Now in its fourth edition, the Profiles of Wisconsin provides data on all populated communities in the state, building on data in Grey House Publishing's Profiles of America. The first section is About Wisconsin and here users will find color maps (including a series of demographic maps), a Wisconsin timeline, a history of the state, basic state facts like the state animal (badger) and the state beverage (milk), a state photo gallery, and short essays on Wisconsin government, Wisconsin land and natural resources, and Wisconsin's energy profile. The largest section is Profiles, organized alphabetically by county; the section concludes with a place-name index. The next section, Comparative Statistics, compares the 100 largest cities in the state by such data points as crime, health insurance, and population by race/Hispanic origin. Community Rankings, which follows, provides rankings of places with populations of 2,500 or more in two tables (one is ascending order and one in descending order). Sections on education, ancestry and ethnicity, and climate follow. Recommended to Wisconsin libraries.”