Reviews for New York State Directory & Profiles of New York

"What differentiates The New York State Directory is the inclusion of a wide variety of public interest organizations and lobbying groups . . . providing lists of those organizations and institutions that may influence state and local government but are not always easy to identify and locate."
-New York Law Journal
“This book is for a specialized audience such as other state’s legislative bureaus or political parties and lobbyists wanting to influence public policy in New York.”
"This comprehensive directory covers not only New York State government offices and key personnel but pertinent U.S. government agencies and non-governmental entities. This directory is all encompassing . . . recommended.”
-CHOICE, Reviews for Academic Libraries
"This well-done work is especially useful for those needing contact information with key decision-makers in both government and the private sector in the state of New York. It should be included in all New York libraries and those that specialize in public policy."
-American Reference Books Annual
“These companion volumes provide a wealth of information on New York State and its local areas. For those needing up-to-date information, this new annual directory [is]…highly recommended [for] New York libraries and comprehensive government collections supporting all levels of users.”
-CHOICE, Reviews for Academic Libraries
“…The layout is easy to read and the entries are rich in details…Both books [The New York State Directory and Profiles of New York State] are indispensable for public and private researchers and officials interested in New York State. Both contain much data not available anywhere else in the same format. The combined set is reasonably priced…”