The Complete Resource Guide for People with Disabilities

"Whether searching for hearing aids, adaptive clothing, or assisted living facilities, users will find something in the thirtieth edition of this comprehensive guide. It begins with a glossary of disability-related terms and then offers the Annual Report on People with Disabilities in America, prepared by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research. Several other reports follow, including the 2020 Progress Report on National Disability Policy. The directory is divided into thirty-three chapters and one hundred subchapters which contain 9,367 descriptive listings with key contacts, email addresses, and websites. These listings are divided by type of disability (hearing, eyesight, cognitive), geographic location, and type of resource. Entries include manufacturers of devices and equipment; national, state, and local associations and agencies; camps and exchange programs; and conferences and trade shows. The publisher states that this edition includes thousands of new entries and hundreds of new web sites and well as updated information for the other entries. This is a wonderful resource for public, consumer health, and health sciences libraries, as well as for nonprofits and government agencies serving the disabled."
- Booklist, 2022

"This is the 27th edition of this guide (formerly published as The Complete Directory for People with Disabilities). This comprehensive reference tool starts with a brief introduction, glossary of disability-related terms, user guide, and user key. Following are two reports “National Disability Policy: A Progress Report” and “2017 Disability Statistics Annual Report.” These reports include color maps, tables, and charts along with quick facts. Further ready reference information is included in the appendix (new to this edition) “2017 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium,” which provides state-by-state statistics. Inside the heart of the volume users will find more than 9,000 descriptive listings, over 24,000 key contacts, and thousands of websites, fax numbers, and email addresses… Libraries will receive a free year of online access along with the purchase of the print volume. Recommended for public libraries."
-ARBA, 2019

“Those with disabilities and those who care for them need reliable information about available resources. This comprehensive directory is an excellent starting point. The 31 chapters provide information about assistive devices, local and national agencies, camps, clothing, computers, education, funding sources, and more. A glossary, detailed table of contents, and entry, geographic, and subject indexes make the information easily accessible. Entries include name, address, phone and fax numbers, email, website, personnel, and a description of the organization. The purchase price includes a year of access to the online version. This is a very useful resource for public, hospital, and consumer-health libraries as well as social service agencies and nonprofits serving the disabled.

“The Complete Directory for People with Disabilities has emerged as a vital tool for locating resources and services for people with physical and mental disabilities…The most directly comparable work, Resources for People with Disabilities: A National Directory, is not updated as often…and is not as well indexed. Libraries considering purchase of either should go with The Complete Directory for People with Disabilities.”

“The Complete Directory for People with Disabilities: This massive directory (more than 1,000 pages) begins with an introduction, glossary, user guide, and user key. The table of contents lists the 31 chapters and more than 100 subchapters, facilitating use. The directory will save busy caregivers and professionals time by providing reliable information in a straightforward manner. Here users will find information on such things as camps (listed by state), education (both general listings and listings by state), independent living centers (listed by state), services for veterans (including both federal and state), and federal and state agencies. The table of contents allows users to skip directly to an entry, but guide words at the top of the page help those who want to thumb through the volume. In addition there are three indexes that refer to directory listings by entry number: "Entry & Publisher Index," "Geographic Index," and "Subject Index." Once an entry is located, users will find basic contact information, the name or names of key executives, a brief description, and more (book listings, for example, will provide an ISBN number, price, and number of pages). The title is also available at Recommended for academic, medical, and public libraries.”
—ARBA Staff Reviewer

“…this fully updated register contains the most current contact information for more than 9000 funding resources, government agencies, support services, research centers, and product suppliers. A critical addition to public libraries and assisted living facilities.”
‐ Library Journal

“Reliable and comprehensive, this resource offers coverage of an extensive range of products and services for people with disabilities…The consistent arrangement of entries allows for effortless movement between chapters, sections and topics… materials [are] easily accessible; breadth across topics and resources…and thorough contact information make up for any deficiency in depth. Recommended for all readers.”
‐ Choice

“There are other directories for the disabled…but none contain the breadth of information. The disabled, their families and professionals working them will find them invaluable resources… Academic and medical libraries serving professionals should purchase.”
‐ Reference Books Bulletin