America's Top Rated Smaller Cities
"features make this work especially valuable to business people, people looking to relocate, government workers, real estate consultants, and students. This is a useful compendium of data about America's smaller cities and the enhancements to this edition greatly improve its usefulness."

"Finding in-depth, up-to-date material on cities can be frustrating for researchers looking for information that will impact life's many choices. These volumes provide excellent, comprehensive information on smaller urban communities. This is a valuable resource for graduating college students. Career professionals who want to move to an unfamiliar community will find these volumes useful in making an informed decision about relocation."

"This work will appeal to private individuals or businesses considering relocation, professionals considering expanding their business or changing careers, or just readers searching for reliable statistical data. Recommended for public and academic libraries and specialized collections."
-Library Journal

"A quick and handy (although weighty) reference tool, this work will have a wide and grateful audience. For those considering a move or concerned with business or market expansion, or for the just plain curious, this volume should more than meet their beginning information needs regarding city profiles. This guide is recommended for public and academic libraries."

"The additional coverage and updated data makes the new edition of Top-Rated Smaller Cities an appealing purchase. This would be a good addition to general reference collections in academic and public libraries looking for basic information on smaller cities."
-James Galbraith, Columbia University Libraries

America's Top Rated Smaller Cities
2018/19 Edition

Pub. Date: June 2018
Softcover: 2,500 pages, Two Volumes
ISBN: 978-1-68217-773-0
Price: $225.00
EBook ISBN: 978-1-68217-774-7 EBook Vendors

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America's Top Rated Smaller Cities, 2016/17

Don't want to wait for the new edition? You can still purchase
America's Top-Rated Smaller Cities 2016/17
Pub. Date: June 2016
Softcover: 2,5000 pages, Two Volumes
ISBN: 978-1-61925-925-6
Price: $225.00
EBook ISBN: 978-1-61925-926-3 EBook Vendors

America's Top Rated Smaller Cities allows readers to see, at a glance, a concise social, business, economic, demographoc, and environmental profile of over 100 smaller cities, all top-ranked in Population Growth, Median Income, Unemployment Rates, and Crime Rates.

America's Top-Rated Smaller Cities is arranged into two volumes - Volume 1 spans Alabama to New Jersey, and Volume 2 contains New Mexico to Wyoming.

Each city chapter is divided into three sections: Background & Rankings; Business Environment and Living Environment.

Each of the city chapters begins with a City Background. These page-long narratives combine history with current events and touch on the city's environment, politics, employment, and cultural offerings. The next section, Rankings, has 18 ranking categories including Business/Finance, Health, Women/Minorities, Retirement, Family, Safety, Recreation, and Dating/Romance. It is in this section you will find rankings on Best Cities for Seniors, Best Cities for College Graduates, Best Cities for Families, Best Cities for Hispanics, Best Places for Newlyweds, Best Cities to Flip a House, Best Cities for Dogs, Best Cities for Wheelchair Users, Best Place for Business and Career, and hundreds more.

The next section is the Business Environment section. This section contains 39 tables with business related data for seven topics. Over 95% of this data has been updated from the last edition. This section contains data on:

The final section for each city chapter covers the Living Environment. This contains 42 tables with data related to the following living environment topics:

America's Top-Rated Smaller Cities includes five appendices:

Appendix A:Comparative Statistics
A city-by-city comparison of hundreds of variables spread out over 74 tables that offer both an overview of the city, and a broad geographical profile.

Appendix B:Metropolitan Area Definitions
This includes the counties/cities that combine to form each city's Metropolitan Statistical Area, Metropolitan Division, New England City and Town Area, and New England City and Town Area Division.

Appendix C:Government Type and County
This appendix includes the government structure of each place included in this book. It also includes the county or county equivalent in which each place is located.

Appendix D:Chambers of Commerce
Alpha-by-city includes address, phone and fax numbers, and websites of additional city resources.

Appendix E:State Departments of Labor and Employment
Another source for additional economic and employment data for each city, with addredd and phone number for easy access.

Now, buyers of America's Top Rated Smaller Cities get FREE access to Top-Rated Smaller Cities Online. Here, users can download City Reports, sort & rank cities by 50+ data points and access Customized Ranking Tables. The online access also provides data for all 1,700 cities with populations of 25,000-95,000 people - 1,500 more cities than the print edition - and makes nationwide city-by-city comparisons quicker and easier than ever.

America's Top Rated Smaller Cities offers a reliable, one-stop source for statistical data that, before now, could only be found scattered in hundreds of sources. This outstanding source of information will be widely ussed in any reference collection.

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Pub. Date: June 2016
Softcover: 2,500 pages, Two Volumes
ISBN: 978-1-61925-925-6
Price: $225.00
EBook ISBN: 978-1-61925-926-3 EBook Vendors

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