Speakers of the House of Representatives Review

“Historically, Speakers of the United States House of Representative have been some of the most influential politicians in the country. So it seems somewhat surprising that they have not garnered a reference work of their own in the past few decades… Enter Grey House Publishing with this 1st edition of a reference work devoted entirely to this fascinating class of American statesmen.

The content in the book is well researched and about as comprehensive as one would expect in a general biographical reference work. It contains enough extra material, however, in the form of the historical essays and primary documents that it is worth the modest price for libraries serving programs in high school or undergraduate U.S. history.”

“Not since [The Speakers of the House of Representatives… (1985), edited by Donald Kennon]… has a collective biography of the Speakers of the House of Representatives of the US
Congress been published. This new volume presents far more detailed biographies of each speaker than Kennon’s work. Summing Up: Recommended. Libraries supporting lower- and upper-level undergraduates in political science.”
– Choice